homeland Outstanding Home in a Drama Series: Homeland

The Emmy Nominated Homeland on Showtime

The final Emmy nominated drama series in our outstanding home list is Showtime’s critically acclaimed Homeland.  The show is set for the most part in Maryland and Virigina, but most of the filming is actually done in Charlotte, North Carolina. Charlotte is a more affordable location for filming and offers similar surroundings to replicate the towns in Virginia and Maryland.

While there are a couple of featured homes we could take a look at, the one that will stand out the most in fan’s minds is Carrie Mathison’s family cabin. This cabin was the main setting for the watershed episode “The Weekend” where (don’t worry, no spoilers) much was revealed and season 1 started to take an interesting turn.

It wasn’t mentioned specifically where the Mathison family cabin was located, but the best guess is it’s in the woods of Virginia probably 45 minutes outside of Washington, D.C. We also don’t know the exact size of the cabin, but appears to be a fairly modest place with an open floor plan. It has been updated in years as the appliances shown were probably used by Donna Reed at some point.

What is great about the cabin is it’s setting. Gorgeous views surround the place and it’s situated not just in the woods but on a lake as well. A wrap around porch is the marquee feature and it’s a great place to think about whether the man you love is really an Al Qaeda operative. Perfect spot for a cup of coffee and some much needed brooding.

Check out the slideshow to see some shots of the cabin from the Homeland episode, “The Weekend.”

A Cozy, But Dated, Kitchen

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Wood is the decor of choice in the Mathison cabin. Wood walls. Wood cabinets. Counter space is limited and chances are they have oatmeal, but not that fancy tea you like.


Image courtesy of Showtime