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Minority Report Your Home

I love CES. I love it. I went last year and I drool as I follow the updates and videos from this years event. What a lot of people don’t realize is how CES impacts the future of your home. Millions of products are showcased there and I’d bet that more than 60% of them have some impact on your home.

The product this year that I think would be the biggest game changer for your home is the Samsung Smart Window. What this product does is basically project and interactive, touch-based interface onto any window and allow you to make Minority Report-esque movements on the screen to serve up tweets, videos, weather and more.

The smart window is a one way display so while you see this virtual interface, others looking in won’t see it. No word yet on pricing or when it would officially roll out to the public, but I’ll be chomping at the bit to find out more details.

You have to see this thing in action by taking a look at the video below:



Image provided by Flickr user eyeliam