Florida is the southern most state in the contingent United States, and yet most people do not connect southern decorating with Florida home interiors. Maybe it is because southern charm brings to mind large, stuffy, plantation homes. This is not associated with the breezy Florida cottage lifestyle.

Florida has a southern charm all its own. Homeowners infuse southern style throughout their homes, but utilize what is unique to the Sunshine State. An updated touch of southern charm influences living room decorating. The backdrop for charming southern decorating is the right color paint for the right room and a cheery, sunny palette will set the tone. Rooms colored with a brush of natural colors will bring to mind ocean views and sandy beaches under sunny golden skies. Living rooms should be light and airy, not dark and heavy.

Beyond painted walls, the second backdrop for lovely southern decorating is window treatments. Keeping curtains soft and not too heavy will soften the room’s outer corners. Framed artwork and accessories that depict seaside scenes and local wildlife will add to the allure of a southern living room.

Southern hospitality takes center stage when decorating a southern home. A living room with mix-and-match pieces gathered together in an appealing arrangement invite people to congregate. Strategic furniture placement adds warmth, providing the home with a welcoming atmosphere; and what is more southern than that?

Furniture that is typical of southern living is first comfortable, and though it is not required, a sprinkling of antiques will demonstrate southern hospitality. Too many antiques, however, will make the home feel uncomfortably formal and less inviting. Strive for balance. Textiles are also an important southern accent. Mix and match fabric types for an appealing look and feel.

Finally, flooring is integral to southern decorating. Florida homes are not just tile only living spaces anymore. Wooden flooring has often been avoided in Florida homes, in deference to more durable tile selections. Historically, activities common to Florida, like swimming and ocean walks along sandy beaches, took a toll on wood floors; not anymore. Wood laminates and even specially treated wooden planks are no longer susceptible to Florida’s weather and leisure-time activities. Lighter color choices are more acceptable choices for flooring in a Florida home.

Perhaps the most important facet of southern decorating is the “real-life” factor. Authentic living in comfortable living areas is the essential ingredient.