Highlighting Florida Colors in Your Home Decor

Color schemes from northern homes look out of place in a Florida decor. Pastel and bright colors give interiors an airy feel, helping to combat summer heat, while cool blues and tans mimic the nearby ocean shoreline.

The bright sunshine and never ending summer feeling of the average Jacksonville day calls for a certain color palette in your home decor. While rich jewel tones and dark woods can go with almost any style in northern climates, they look heavy and out of place in tropical Florida.

Florida colors are pulled from the environment: the blues of the sea, the ivory and beige of the sand, and the pastel rainbow of sunrise and sunset over the ocean. Just like in nature, home decor in Florida works well with occasional pops of bright color such as fuchsia, lime, or any other citrus. Home decorating in the Jacksonville environment doesn’t have to exist in a boring world of pastels; a lighter touch throughout the house will mesh with the Florida lifestyle.


White walls can be boring no matter where you live but painting the walls in a Florida color palette requires some restraint. A dark accent wall may look cozy in the rest of the country, but here it makes the room feel hotter and more closed in. Florida enjoys months of hot and humid weather, so smart decorators use color to add a sense of coolness whenever possible. Pale blues and greens are known to be cool, but soft butter yellow and pale peach can add an airy, breezy feeling to a room.


To make part of your home look truly at home in Florida, choose a popular local theme for your decorating palette. Pull colors from the sand and the sea and use blues and greens with a sandy tone in the background. Go 80s retro and make a room pop with the brightened pastels and black accents for that Miami urban feel. Reach back to the 1950s and incorporate classic tourist designs in pink, turquoise, and sparkly white.

Bright Colors

If your eye tires of all the unrelenting pale colors, it’s time to pull out the pop. Pick one bright and fabulous fabric in a tropical print that ties in all the colors of the room. Paint the background walls a true white and keep the upholstery and woods pale and receding. Add pillows, curtains, and decorating accents in eye-popping fuchsia, lemon yellow, neon orange, and brightest lime. This fruit salad color palette brings out the fun of a Florida sunny day without overwhelming the entire room with bright color.

Decorating a home in Jacksonville requires making different color choices than those you might make in colder parts of the country, but as long as you keep the environment in mind while choosing your decor, it will feel light, breezy, and comfortable.


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