Paint Your House in a Laid-Back Florida Style


The Jacksonville, Florida lifestyle is more casual and laid back than that of many northern cities. Let your house reflect that feeling by painting it in the soothing colors of nature. Try choosing between those of the beach, the garden, and the sky.


When you drive around Jacksonville, you’ll see that people are a little more relaxed, and their dress is a bit more casual than most. This laid-back culture and the warm and humid weather create a style that’s fun and breezy, never stiff or stuffy. When you’re ready to redecorate and paint your house in Florida, look to nature when you search for color schemes. Subtle natural colors will give your rooms an airy, relaxed look that visually cools the room and helps it to look inviting. If you want to create a room that says, “Come in and relax,” look to the softer shades of the natural world around you.

The Beach

The relaxing beach lifestyle is a standard in Jacksonville, so bringing that color palette into your room is a great way to show your relaxed attitude. Spend an hour at the beach really looking at the scenery, and you’ll notice that it’s not all solid blue sky and beige sand. Pick up a handful of sand and look at the different colors you see in the grains. All those different hues could fill a dozen paint chips, but they all go together. The water is a mixture of blue and green waves topped with white foam. Remember that nature doesn’t create clashing color schemes, so choose any part of the scenery for your room design.

The Sky

The Florida sky is brighter than in many other states, with clearer colors and not so much smog or muddiness. From the palest blue of the morning to a deep blue at noon, all the cooler shades are represented. You can paint your house from top to bottom in the shades of the sky and never repeat the same color once. Draw inspiration from the different times of day, or recreate the aspect of a stormy sky. Florida has plenty of clouds, ranging from fluffy white through the deepest gray of hurricane season. Pull from those colors to make one room cozy and relaxing.

The Garden

Nature is generous in the Jacksonville area, and gardens thrive most of the year. Greenery is in backyards, on the sides of roads, and even sprouting in beach sand near the shore. Bring a cool look to your home by painting the walls a variation on the bright greens you see every day. Extend the theme with accents of bright fuchsia or the vibrant hues of hibiscus flowers, and bring all the colors together with the brightest of whites.


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