Work at a Jacksonville Hospital? Live Close by to Shorten Your Commute!

There are numerous Jacksonville hospitals in the city, and there are just as many nearby neighborhoods for health care professionals to pick as a place to live. For those who work at a Jacksonville hospital, it is easy to find a home close to a hospital.

Jacksonville is a hub for great health care centers and hospitals. There are 17 hospitals in Jacksonville’s metropolitan area, including one of only three Mayo Clinics in the country. Many hospitals are ranked nationally by the U.S. News & World Report. Wherever you are, there is always a Jacksonville hospital nearby, and, for those who work at a Jacksonville hospital, it is easy to find a suitable home close to a hospital.

Riverside/San Marco

The Riverside area is home to St. Vincent’s Hospital. Here, there are several historic homes and bungalows that are near boutiques and local restaurants. It’s a short commute to Jacksonville’s downtown area, home to many of Jacksonville’s business headquarters. If you work downtown, Riverside may be a great choice for a home.

On the other side of the river is San Marco, where Baptist Downtown is located. Baptist Downtown also has Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital on its campus, and its heart hospital has won multiple awards. San Marco has several historic homes as well as homes with a more modern architectural style.

The Beaches

Jacksonville, Neptune, and Atlantic Beach are all served by Baptist Beaches hospital. About five minutes away is the Mayo Clinic in Florida. For those who love the beach and work at the Mayo Clinic, a home on Jacksonville’s coastline may be the perfect choice.

The beaches offer many choices for potential homeowners, including condos, beach side villas, and town homes. The beach areas are relaxed areas, which may be the perfect setting for health care professionals who experience a lot of stress at work.


Those who work at the Mayo Clinic and want to live more inland can choose the Southside area. This area is also home to St. Vincent’s HealthCare Southside and Baptist South. With The Avenues Mall and numerous shopping centers, such as the St. Johns Town Center, and having a more suburban setting than the beaches, the Southside area may be the best choice for health care professionals.

St. Johns County

St. Johns County is a coveted location for many Jacksonville residents. Many people choose to move to St. Johns County and commute to the closest hospital in the area, Baptist South, or to the Flagler Hospital in St. Augustine.

If you are working at a nearby health center or a Jacksonville hospital, the city offers a number of diverse neighborhood options. Once you know what Jacksonville hospital you will be working at, you won’t have any problems finding the perfect home nearby.


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