The time has arrived, the air is cold and crisp and my favorite Sunday is just around the corner.  As many of you know, I’m a diehard Giants fan and am waiting in anticipation for the final matchup against the New England Patriots.  Win or lose, I am looking forward to the annual ritual of finger food, commercial judging, half-time show viewing, and of course, watching some football.

How are you planning to celebrate the Super Bowl this year?  Will you be hosting friends and family at your home?

I got to thinking about how our homes are the true centerpiece for Super Bowl Sunday, bringing together family and friends for some good ‘ole fashion American fun.  With this in mind, I took a look on and found a lot of our listings are in the Super Bowl Sunday party spirit:

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Home for sale on Manning Mill Road in Lafayette, GA

  • Americans love their football and nearly 170 homes mention football in the description
  • About 10 home listings mention the Super Bowl
  • For the hostess with the mostest, nearly 16,900 homes are great for entertaining
  • Another 760 say they are terrific for hosting parties


  • Giants fans will be happy to know:


  • For Patriots fans:
    • 38 homes mention “Brady” in the listing – such as Brady Drive, Brady Canyon, Brady Trail, etc.
    • And 21 home listings have “Patriots” in the description – with two listings that reference Patriots Place