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Slideshow: 5 Homes Fit for “Royals”

We might never “be royal” and have titles and lands to fight over like they do in Game of Thrones; but you could certainly feel like royalty in any one of these 5 homes fit for Kings and Queens:

Home of the Week: Country Living in Tuscany

Have you ever dreamt of escaping the hustle and bustle of your busy routine by moving to a countryside villa in a foreign country? If you haven’t had imaginings of what life would be like in a luxurious property somewhere exotic and far away then our newest ‘Home of the Week’ is sure to at least get you thinking about it!

Slideshow: Homes for the Ides of March

As many as 60 conspirators were involved in the end of Caesar, but we wanted to see how many homes on coldwellbanker.com alluded to the details of the Ides of March. Over 50 homes make reference to Caesar, but here are a few that really stand out:

March 15 / 2013

Home of the Week: Tuscan Living By the Sea

Describing this as dramatic scenery may be an understatement. This amazing home in Monte Argentario, Italy is truly a dream home. This six bedroom 5,380 sq. ft. place offers amazing views of the Mediterranean Sea and a private pier to dock your boat.

August 15 / 2012