Summer Fridays: Wimbledon Worthy Tennis Courts

Playing tennis is a great summer activity to make up for all those extra cheeseburgers you’ve been eating. Here are some beautiful tennis courts located on some of the finest properties in the world.

Summer is the opportune time of year for soaking in pools and enjoying backyards, but it is also the perfect time to break a sweat playing a sport! With all those extra delicious burgers and hotdogs we enjoy at barbecues, it’s pretty important to balance things out by getting physical.

Luckily, the weather is awesome and you can break a sweat without having to go to a gym. If you’re looking to stay active this summer, what better way to do it then by chasing a green fuzzy ball around and hitting it back and hopefully forth? We all can’t be Serena Williams, but we can dream – and we can also dream about being Serena Williams while playing on Wimbledon worthy home tennis courts. That’s right, no need to make a pilgrimage to a local park to be embarrassed by your lack of tennis skills, you can do so all from the comfort of these amazing homes. Let’s take a look!

$45,000,000 – Greenwich, Connecticut

Who wouldn’t want to play tennis on one of the most impressive properties in the United States – surrounded by the sparkling waters of Long Island Sound? Nobody. Just be sure to invest in plenty of backup tennis balls, as it would be pretty easy to knock them over into the water.

$12,900,000 – Highland Park, Illinois

Does it get any more picturesque than this? I can imagine going for a morning kayaking session on my own private section of Lake Michigan, and following it up with a vigorous game of tennis that would even make John McEnroe smile. That was a tennis joke.

$6,702,039 – Porto Cervo, Italy

Who needs the grass courts at Wimbledon when you can have your own grass court like the one located on this private villa in northern Sardinia? Something tells me Roger Federer would love this home, but probably the grass court even more.

$25,750,000 – Greenwich, Connecticut

Ah Connecticut! The home of sneakily good pizza, WWE and amazing homes with equally awesome tennis courts! This enduring country gentleman estate sprawls across 75 back country acres and includes this Pete Sampras worthy tennis court as well.

$52,000,000 – Montecito, California

I’m no connoisseur, but I’ve heard that Montecito is world-renowned for its wine and celebrities who call this idyllic town home. Sure, famous people live here and the perfect climate produces wonderfully balanced reds – but Montecito also has some amazing homes! You’d be hard pressed to find a more grand residence than this Italian inspired villa with…you guessed it…a tennis court. It’s not just any tennis court, it’s a grass tennis court surrounded by the kind of views and opulence seemingly plucked right out of an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel.


Join us next Friday for another installment of our “Summer Fridays” series.

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