5 Fun Facts About Fisher Island That Everyone Should Know About

Featuring luxurious residences, a lavish hotel, a remarkable club house and every possible amenity, Fisher Island is certainly a tropical oasis!

Having lived in Fisher Island for the last sixteen years, I’ve definitely become a strong proponent of this extraordinary island paradise and all of its magical secrets. Featuring luxurious residences, a lavish hotel, a remarkable club house and every possible amenity, Fisher Island is certainly a tropical oasis!

Fun Fact #1: The Exclusivity – As of the 2010 census, Fisher Island had the highest per capita income of any zip code in the US, making it the richest city in the country. Fisher Island has no bridges or roads and is only accessible though ferry or private boat. On top of that, they only allow residents and their visitors, hotel guests, and club members on the island. In fact, they pride themselves on being Florida’s ‘most exclusive private club and residences which have been home to many celebrities and dignitaries from across the globe, including Orpah Winfrey, Boris Becker and Sharon Gless.

Fun Fact #2: The Vanderbilt Mansion – In 1925, William K. Vanderbilt II traded his 250-foot yacht for 7-acres of Carl G. Fisher’s barrier island that later adopted his name. Completed in 1941, his gorgeous estate and surrounding guest cottages, staff quarters and airplane hangar are now all part of the historic, luxurious hotel accommodations and club on Fisher Island. Whether you’re visiting from out of town or planning a staycation, I highly recommend the Fisher Island Club & Hotel. It’s unparalleled elegance and sophistication is second to none, providing top-of-the-line service and amenities.

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Fun Fact #3: The Golf Carts – You can definitely expect to see lots and lots of golf carts at a small, tropical private island. As the preferred method of transportation in Fisher Island, these handy dandy vehicles make driving, and especially parking, a real treat. Nothing will make you feel like you’re in a resort more than cruising around in a golf cart with no doors or windows, wind blowing in your hair — a favorite activity for my pooches Louie and Ziggy!

Fun Fact #4: The Club – For residents, hotel guests, and members alike, Fisher Island Club is truly a pleasure to unwind at. With a salt water pool at the Beach Club, several restaurants to dine at, a decadent spa, 9-hole golf course, grass, clay, and sand tennis courts, a holistic fitness center, groomer and one of only two deep water marinas in Miami, the Club has everything you need to lay back and relax. A mix of old-world charm and contemporary luxuries, this place, particularly the consummate service, is a dream-come-true.

Fun Fact #5: The Wildlife – Last but certainly not least, the island is covered with wildlife, big and small, on both land and sea. From beautiful peacocks, to cute little bunnies, to green iguanas, you’re sure to see at least one, if not all of these beautiful creatures on Fisher Island. If you’re lucky, you might scope out dolphins, manatees, or sharks out on the bay, ocean, or in the marina. And if you really want to see some spectacular animals, check out the Aviary Park, especially between 8:00am-11:30am when they’re out of their cages! Fisher Island has even been declared a bird sanctuary. It’s even a haven for the not-so-wildlife, being very pet-friendly and boasting a dog park with separate times for big and small dogs.

Whether you currently live on Fisher Island and are looking to sell your property or you’re interested in moving into the elite neighborhood, please don’t hesitate to contact me at The Jills. To view our exclusive listings on Fisher Island, visit our website: www.TheJills.com and check out FisherIslandClub.com for more information.

Jill Eber grew up in Miami Beach and co-founded The Jills®, Coldwell Banker’s #1 sales team worldwide for the past five years and #1 team in Florida. An avid scuba diver, exercise enthusiast and lover of animals, Jill supports and contributes to numerous charitable organizations and is committed to serving clients seven days a week. Together, The Jills have sold more than $3.17 billion in real estate since 2005, building a client list that includes Hollywood celebrities, Fortune 500 executives, international dignitaries and long-time Miami Beach residents.

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