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Emmy Nominated Shows that Showcase America’s Favorite Home

Seeing how both Emmy nominated shows deal with politics, they both also take place in one of our favorite homes in the world—the White House. While neither program actually films in Washington D.C. (Veep films in Baltimore, Maryland and Scandal is shot entirely out of Los Angeles, California) they both are able to showcase the home beautifully.

September 19 / 2013

The Home of Frank Underwood from the Netflix Series House of Cards

The unexpected belle of the ball at the Emmy’s this year is the surprise hit, House of Cards, from everyone’s favorite digital movie source, Netflix. House of Cards is the first Internet-only TV show to be nominated for an Emmy and they were nominated for an astounding 9 Emmy’s including Best Actor for Kevin Spacey, Best Actress for Robin Wright and Best Drama.

September 10 / 2013

How Home Played a Role in the Writing of The Star Spangled Banner

Francis Scott Key, as I’m sure you well know, penned the words to what is now our national anthem during the Battle of Fort McHenry in the War of 1812. What you may not realize is that it took a man losing his home for these words to be written.