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The Dunphy Home from Modern Family

TV sitcoms have often taken us inside the homes of fictional families where the residence is often as much a character as the people. The homes of the Brady Bunch, the Huxtables and even The Fresh Prince of Bel Air are sets that conjure up instant images of rooms where the families solved problems, laughed and became the focal point of their lives.

December 28 / 2012

The Coldwell Banker Blue Matter 2012 Year in Review

Before 2013 comes to stay for 365 days, we wanted to look at what were the most viewed topics and content on our blog for 2012. The results are eclectic to say the least. Here are the the top 10 posts on Coldwell Banker Blue Matter for 2012:

Your Favorite TV Home

Homes on television shows always seem to look more interesting than homes in real life. They set a stage for a show and there have been a number of television series in which the homes is as much a character as any of the actors.

In a recent online survey conducted on coldwellbanker.com and Coldwell Banker On Location, we asked people to vote on their favorite television home. The response was a bit surprising.