97932 wb 0507b 300x200 Your Favorite TV HomeHomes on television shows always seem to look more interesting than homes in real life. They set the stage for a show and there have been a number of television series in which the home in it is as much a character as any of the actors.

In a recent online survey conducted on coldwellbanker.com and Coldwell Banker On Location, we asked people to vote on their favorite television home. The response was a bit surprising.

The #1 response with 42% of the votes was Charlie Harper’s home on Two and a Half Men. Can’t say that’s a bad choice. Right on the beach. Beautiful deck. Adequate living space for your neurotic sibling. Throw in the piano and I’ll make an offer.

Following Charlie’s bachelor pad, the remaining responses were all within a few percentage points of each other including the intern’s house on Grey’s Anatomy, Rachel’s apartment from Friends, The Brady Bunch home and the Walsh’s house on 90210.

As a kid I always thought it would be cool to live in the Huxtable’s brownstone from The Cosby Show. One of the most architecturally intriguing homes you’ll find on TV today is the beautiful craftsman style home on the CBS’ Numbers. From  Dynasty to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air to Modern Family, there are some remarkable homes that we’ve come to know and love that truly add to the television viewing experience.

I guess even Hollywood knows that a house is more than a place to hang your hat. What’s your favorite TV home?