I just had the pleasure of reading 5 Things Husbands Need for Spring Cleaning at Home written by David Marine, our Senior Director of Consumer Engagement. All I have to say it…this one is for you ladies, I got your back! :)

A clean home is a happy home and when Spring cleaning rolls around, women around the world begin creating their notorious “honey-do” lists.

do The One Thing Every Wife Needs for Spring Cleaning at Home








Following this list is just one of the many things which govern married men. They aren’t quite sure why they choose to give up watching a big game to complete the seemingly endless list of house chores yet they adhere to them in rigid fashion nonetheless. We’ll say it’s all the in the name of love but we all know a woman’s fury just isn’t worth listening to.

In typical male fashion David created a list of 5 things that men need to survive spring cleaning. In typical female fashion I cut down the necessary list from five things to one. All you both really need is one simple little thing: The Honey Do App. This app, which costs a mere $2.99 is really priceless when you think about the value: your sanity.

Here’s what you need to know about this app:

The HoneyDo App Price: $2.99 Value: Sanity

This is the ultimate task manager for couples with smartphones. Here’s how it works. There are 4 lines to fill out:

Who: Assign your “honey”

Do: What needs to be done. Mow the law, paint the house, put winter clothes in attic, etc.

Due: Tell your honey when they need to complete this task

Payoff: What their reward will be for completing the task. Rewards include:

  • Love: You know what they say: “All you need is Love”
  • Money: But then again sometimes love can be bought.
  • Payback: Make something up! Hint: A massage is always nice.
  • Gift: Has he been wanting something special that he won’t spend the money on? Reward him for his hard work!
  • Coffee: He will probably need a little caffeine after completing this list.
  • Beer: Nothing like a cold one after a hard day’s work.
  • Cupcake: The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!
  • Doghouse: This is where he’ll be sent if the list doesn’t get completed.

Once the task is assigned it will be sent to their phone. Keep in mind they can assign tasks for you as well. They can then accept or reject (guys we don’t suggest this option) their task.Tasks can even be recurring!

This could be the best $2.99 you have spent in a long time! Check out the video above for more details.

Oh and one last tip…

Collect every remote you can find in your house and hide them. I have seen it happen time and time again with my own husband. He will be on a roll with housework and will turn on the TV to check the score of a game. Within seconds he is captured by the TV Gods and lost for the rest of the game. If you want to to have a productive cleaning day TV just isn’t in the plan. Don’t feel guilty about this one, I can guarantee he will still check scores on his phone.

Good luck ladies and happy cleaning!