I’ll confess publicly that I’m a huge Superman fan. Have been since I was a kid, and I’m still one today as a copy of the All Star Superman graphic novel resides on my nightstand. While the Man of Steel has stood the test of time, the one thing that hasn’t is the house where the world’s first superhero was created.

In Cleveland, Ohio resides the birthplace of the last son of Krypton. It’s a humble home where Jerry Siegel and Joel Shuster first came up with the idea of a bulletproof man with powers beyond this Earth. One might think that a birthplace of an American icon would have some sort of landmark status, but in reality the home had been forgotten over time. The walls were crumbling and there were no markers proclaiming this spot as a being anything out of the ordinary.

Author, Brad Meltzer, and Cleveland Plains Dealer reporter, Michael Sangiacomo, helped start a movement to get the Superman house the recognition it deserves. Oddly enough, a family still lives in the house, but they have embraced its origins and helped turn it into an iconic home.

Check out this video from The AV Club as they stopped into the Superman house for a quick tour and get some insight into how this ordinary home became a landmark.

[iframe http://www.avclub.com/video_embed/?id=57356 480 270]