Over the years Hollywood has produced some great visions of what the house of the future will be. From The Jetson’s computerized home to the talking, interactive house on SyFy’s Eureka to the living spaces in Star Trek, these visions of how we will live all focus on improvements in our home that make life just a bit easier than it has been before.

Last month in London, the CEDIA Home Technology Event was held that showcased some of the next great innovations that will soon be making a way into our homes. Five years ago did you think that you’d never need to go to Blockbuster? How about streaming photos and songs to your TV entertainment center without spending thousands of dollars? Those are all common things today so I enjoyed this highlight video produced by AV News that showcased a few of the more interesting pieces of tech at the show.

If you jump to the 7:45 mark you’ll see what my wife think we need: a flat screen TV that doubles as a mirror when it’s turned off. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the video. Plus everyone in it has a British accent which makes it that much more interesting. Share what tech you’d most like to have in your home in the comments.