whatcanubuyfor8k What Can You Buy for $8k?That’s the question we’re asking as we launch the Coldwell Banker Buyer Bonus Sales Event on May 1. Immediately following the expiration of the home buyer tax credit, home sellers participating in the Coldwell Banker Buyer Bonus Sales Event will offer a credit of 3 percent (up to $8,000), when part of an accepted offer,  of their home’s purchase price to buyers who sign a contract before July 31, 2010.  There is no deadline for a closing date.

Think of what that $8,000 amounts to. It’s no small chunk of change. To put this $8,000 credit in perspective, Coldwell Banker is launching a mini site called WhatCanYouBuyfor8k.com. Everyday between now and the end of the Buyer Bonus Sales Event (that’s July 31st for those keeping score at home), we’ll be updating the site with a new fact that shows you potentially how many of one item you could get for $8,000.

It’s a simple and fun way to materialize what this $8,000 credit can be.

Let’s see, for me that would mean 8,000 iTunes song downloads. Eight 32-inch LCD TVs. 61 pairs of Air Jordans…

Click here to visit WhatCanYouBuyfor8k.com.