Treadwall Who Wants A Rock Wall in Your Home? Me Too.Who doesn’t love a rock wall? You feel like you’re climbing a mountain and you’ve got the luxury of not having to freeze your toes off while doing it. Backyard playsets have them. Indoor activity centers have them. But inside your home, you don’t.

Well now you can.

Brewer’s Ledge Inc. thinks you should be able to climb Mount Everest in your basement, living room or garage and so they’ve created the Treadwall. Basically, it’s a treadmill hung vertically with grips for climbing a rock wall. You can set the pace of how fast and high you want to climb.

No ropes, ice picks or The North Face gear required. Just enough space in your home to fit the Treadwall which may require 8-10 ft. ceilings. Pricing on the Treadwall is on a custom basis for now, but it’s an interesting way to take your home workouts to new heights. Pardon the pun.

Image courtesy of Treadwall