Box Office revenues for 2012′s released films are reported to be approaching near historic lows, and it could have been much worse had it not been for Batman and The Avengers raking in obscene amounts of money and ‘saving the day’ (ha). If you read any movie related blogs you’re sure to come across a bunch of reasons for the demise of “Hollywood.” Besides the fact that there seems to be a sequel or remake of a remake of an old movie coming out every week, I just think that the “movies” are suffering because TV has gotten really really good and more original and creative than film. (case in point, isn’t Saw 278 coming out this Halloween?)

Back in July, nominees for the 64th annual Primetime Emmys were announced and we happened to notice that the programs in the “Outstanding Drama Series” category all had great writing, acting and directing but some truly stunning homes as well. So to commemorate the shows we all love and the homes featured in them, we dedicated a week long series of blog posts to exploring some of the fantastic homes featured in the “Outstanding Drama Series” category.

To get you ready for the Emmy’s airing this Sunday, let’s take a quick look back at our “Outstanding Home in a Drama Series” posts:

“Outstanding Home in a Drama Series: Downton Abbey”

Downton Abbey/Highclere Castle is one of the largest homes currently on TV and you can see how it would require a host of workers to keep it up and running! Click here for more about on this historic countryside castle.

downton abbey Emmy Award Worthy Homes

Downton Abbey


“Outstanding Home in a Drama Series: Mad Men”

The newly married Don Draper traded in his old dreary digs in the West Village for a posh penthouse in a six year old high rise. Click here to see pictures from the only house cool enough for Don Draper to call home.

Mad Men Emmy Award Worthy Homes

Mad Men


“Outstanding Home in a Drama Series: Breaking Bad”

Walter White’s Albuquerque home has 3 bedrooms and a pool in the backyard, plus plenty of space to hide  money you might want to stash away. Click here for more info on the home from Breaking Bad, you might be surprised to see how affordable this home is.

breaking bad walterwhite house Emmy Award Worthy Homes

Breaking Bad


“Outstanding Home in a Drama Series: Boardwalk Empire”

A home really has to be really special for Nucky Thompson to trade in a posh penthouse at the Ritz for it. Click here to see the three-story architectural marvel he calls home with his wife Margaret.

boardwalk Emmy Award Worthy Homes

Boardwalk Empire


“Outstanding Home in a Drama Series: Game of Thrones”

If you prefer blankets to swim trunks and skis to surfboards, then the castle at Winterfell from “Game of Thrones” might be just what you’d want to call home. Click here to see more of Stark Castle at Winterfell.

got Emmy Award Worthy Homes

Game of Thrones


“Outstanding Home in a Drama Series: Homeland”

Carrie Mathison’s family cabin in Virginia is about 45 minutes outside of D.C. and is the main setting for season one’s most revealing episode (“The Weekend”). Click here to see more!

homeland4 Emmy Award Worthy Homes


Enjoy the Emmy’s this Sunday! Which of the homes from our “Outstanding Home in a Drama Series” posts do you like best? Let us know in the comments.

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