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The Stark Throne at Winterfell Castle

If you prefer blankets to swim trunks and skis to surfboards, then the castle at Winterfell from “Game of Thrones” might have peaked your interest if you were in the market for a cozy home (or hut) a few thousand years ago.

The next nominee for “Outstanding Home in a Drama Series” is none other than Winterfell Castle, which is widely considered to be the capital of the North. Winterfell is located between the capital of the Seven Kingdoms (King’s Landing) and the dreaded “Wall” that keeps civilized society separate from Wildlings and very angry frozen zombies.

Being that Winterfell is prone to long winters (like 9 years long), ancient architects took care to construct the castle out of the finest, and sturdiest stones known to man (or dragon) in order to keep everyone warm as humanly (haha) possible. It is also expertly situated atop hot springs that help to keep the complex as toasty as possible during those harsh winters.

winterfell 300x168 Outstanding Home in a Drama Series: Game of Thrones

Sturdy, reliable and strong are three words that define Winterfell castle and its people.

The massive complex spans numerous acres and features an “inner castle” for living and entertaining, a courtyard area for torture, training and other forms of pageantry and a set of “external walls” primarily used for surveillance and protecting the kingdom. Inhabitants of Winterfell didn’t have Facebook or TV to keep them busy so they took full advantage of the gardens, libraries, watchtowers, lakes and foodmarkets  to keep busy and spry.

The Starks and the other townspeople of Winterfell castle must have started the old saying, “it takes a village to raise a child”, because Winterfell Castle is so large it actually functions more like a village. Couple that community like feel with the unsurpassed security of having a valiant war hero there to protect you and plush forest springs nearby, there wasn’t really a better place to call home back then.

For my Game of Thrones fans, would you have rather lived at Winterfell, King’s Landing, the Castle in the Sky or in the desert with the Khaleesi?

 Photos Courtesy of: awoiaf and Game of Thrones Wiki