East Village Apartments Versus West Village Apartments

Many who come to NYC choose to live downtown, for its energy, great eateries, and plethora of things to do. East Village apartments are more affordable – but is it the right neighborhood for you? Here we explore the East Village versus the West Village.

When deciding on where to live in New York, many opt for Downtown due to its many good qualities. There are endless amounts of great restaurants, cafes, shops, and things to do below 14th street — not to mention that inimitable energy that truly captures the essence of what makes New York unique. East Village versus West Village may become a choice that an apartment seeker needs to make. While the East Village is more affordable, each neighborhood has its list of pros and cons. Let’s explore!

East Village Apartments: Pros

If you decide to look for East Village apartments, you’re likely to find a wider selection of affordable options, in addition to getting more for your money. However, that is not the only deciding factor. You need to consider the neighborhood as well. The East Village has an amazing selection of restaurants, sweet shops, and coffee shops to choose from, which is great for foodies. Here you’ll find Momofuku Milk Bar, Van Leeuwen, Mermaid Inn, and many other great eateries. The East Village buzzes with energy at all times of day and night, making it an exciting place to live.

East Village Apartments: Cons

Something to consider: that energy mentioned above is not for everyone! The East Village can be noisy, boisterous, and overwhelming to some. It’s not the most family-oriented of New York City neighborhoods, and it has a young vibe. If you’re looking for a peaceful part of Manhattan to call home, the East Village is probably not your best bet. Which brings us to …

West Village Apartments: Pros

The West Village, while popular with tourists (especially those seeking Carrie Bradshaw’s stoop!), is not as loud and abuzz with energy as the East Village. It has a more quiet and laidback atmosphere. It can be hard to find your way around due to the lack of a “grid” system down there, so many tourists choose to stay in Midtown instead. In the West Village you get the true charm that characterizes the NYC you see in movies and TV shows — it is one of the most picturesque areas of the city. In addition, you will find a huge selection of wonderful shops on Bleeker Street and no shortage of amazing restaurants to try.

West Village Apartments: Cons

The major downside to West Village living is the price and lack of space. Unless you are very wealthy, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an affordable apartment in this extremely sought after area of the city. This is where the East Village has the West Village beat! Overall, both are amazing neighborhoods and offer different attributes. You can’t go wrong with either one, as long as you choose the neighborhood you can afford and which you feel you best fit into.

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