3 Summer DIY Home Décor Ideas for Your Philly Home

Spring is the time to clean up your home, and summer is the time to redecorate. Here are three quick and easy-to-complete DIY home décor ideas to consider for your Philly home, condo, or apartment this summer.

Spring is the time to clean up your home, and summer is the time to redecorate. Here are three DIY home décor ideas to consider.

1. Add Tropical Warmth with Summer Plants

One of the best ways to add a fresh touch to any living space is to incorporate potted plants into your décor. Decorating your home with plants adds a warm atmosphere to your Philly home. Go to Lowe’s or Home Depot on Columbus Boulevard and pick up some lady palms, ponytail palms, and Hawaiian Sunshine plants to spruce up your house for the summer. If you have a patio, a fern plant (hanging or in a container on the floor) will create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere for relaxing outside with your friends and family.

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2. Refresh Your Curtains

Have you taken a good look at your curtains lately? The curtains and drapery hanging in your living room or bedroom can have a major effect on the overall look of your home. Maybe it’s time for a change this summer — do some “curtain detail.” When it’s hot outside in the city, sheer curtains allow the summer breeze to blow freely into your bedroom windows. Add a splash of bold color: oranges, reds, yellows, and greens. Curtains with colorful floral designs also go nicely with the season.

Here’s another nice summertime project for your bedroom: Create a canopy bed using sheer curtains. You can affix the curtains to the ceiling and fashion them to drape over the sides and ends of the bed. Head over to the curtain stores in the northeast part of the city or the Franklin Mills outlet mall to get inspiration for new window treatments.

3. Embrace the Country Life

Take a break from city life outside by adding a dash of country living to the inside of your Philly house or condo. Incorporate decorative elements that make you and your guests feel like you’re at a quaint bed-and-breakfast inn or a country home. Country style works well for summer redecorating because of its emphasis on seasonally appropriate colors (reds, greens, tans, yellows) and floral patterns. For instance, add a couple of sitting chairs to your living room with floral upholstery or pretty painted chairs made of wood. Place valances above your windows in striped patterns and earthy colors. You can also get pillows and pillowcases with a country-inspired pattern to adorn your living room couch and bed.

If you’re feeling that “summertime itch” and want to do something new in your Philly home, consider these three DIY home décor ideas — you can probably finish them in a weekend.


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