Spring Outdoor Decor Ideas for Your Philly Home

Now that winter’s finally gone, it’s time to make way for spring in your outdoor decor. Add a touch of the Philly spirit by using plants that are native to the region and by turning your outdoor area into a diner’s paradise.

Spring has finally sprung in Philadelphia, temperatures are getting warmer, and you’re probably itching to dress up your home’s outdoor decor. Is this your first spring in your new rowhouse or condo? Or are you just looking to spruce up your patio? With a little imagination, you can bring spring to any outdoor space.

Create Native Planters

One of the first signs of spring in Philadelphia is the sight of tulips, pansies, and daffodils poking through the ground. While those flowers mean spring in plenty of people’s minds, none of these species are originally from the Pennsylvania area. Another way to celebrate spring in Philadelphia is to choose to fill your garden or patio area with native plants. Going with native plants in your outdoor decor is a good idea for a few reasons. The plants are already adapted to grow in the area, so there’s less fuss. They also attract local wildlife and pollinators, providing a benefit to the ecosystem. Plus, they’re really pretty.

A few examples of spring-blooming plants native to Philadelphia and the surrounding area include woodland phlox, dwarf-crested iris, and foamflower. A number of other native plants bloom into the summer or early fall, too.

You don’t need to have an in-ground garden area to add native plants to your decor. You can arrange the plants in a large planter or window box, opting for plants of varying sizes to create interest in the planter. For example, choose taller plants for the middle of the planter and trailing plants for the edges.

Set Up a Dining Area

Whether it’s cheesesteaks or cuisine prepared by Iron Chefs, Philadelphians know how to enjoy a good meal. Why not reflect that in your outdoor space by creating a dining area? You can find comfortable outdoor dining tables and chairs from local stores such as the Hill Company, located in Chestnut Hill. If you’re on a budget, the IKEA in South Philadelphia also offers a great selection of outdoor dining furniture.

Add a storage cart that’s designed to withstand the outdoors to hold all of your dining needs, from shatterproof dishes to spices and condiments. Decorate the top of the cart with small planters planted with herbs or small flowers.

Add Some Color

If you stroll through the Society Hill neighborhood, you might notice that there’s a lot of color on the facades of historic houses. Drive away the dreariness of winter while paying tribute to the city’s history by painting your front or back door or your home’s shutters a bold color. Adding a splash of color, such as blue shutters or a bright red door, not only welcomes spring — it welcomes visitors, too.

You can also add color in more subtle ways. For example, choose colorful patterned cushions for your outdoor seating. Instead of planting in a basic terra-cotta container, look for one with a little more zest, such as a cheerful yellow container or a bright green pot.

Whether all you have to work with is a balcony, a tiny patch of green space outside your front door, or a big backyard, there are plenty of ways to bring spring to your outdoor area in Philly. Decorate the space to make it a more inviting place to spend your time, and you’ll enjoy the outdoors to the fullest until the temperatures drop again.

Image Source: Flickr/Tom Ipri


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