Gray Is the New Beige in Philly Indoor Home Decor

Philly homeowners who are looking for a fresh new look for their home decor should consider replacing classic beige with gray. It comes in various shades and might inspire you to create a very interesting and modern interior design for your home.

One thing you can’t say about the city of Philadelphia is that it is boring or ordinary. The vibe in Philly is lively, fresh, trendy, and modern, so it’s no wonder that homeowners from Main Line to South Philly want their interior home decor to have these same traits. Many homeowners are opting for more modern and simple decorating ideas. For instance, one growing trend is using gray as a neutral color instead of the usual beige or tan. Grey is just as versatile as beige and goes with just about any color scheme.

Color Theory

It may help to understand basic color theory when deciding on a plan for your home decor. Beige is more of an earthy tone, while gray is usually a cooler neutral color. It makes for a more relaxed and serene atmosphere. Grey is subtle and refined. Color theorists say that gray is a dignified and classic color that represents intellect, knowledge, and wisdom. Since many homes in Philadelphia are very old (some built as early as the 1800s), classic gray definitely seems like a smart choice for the interior.

Shades of Grey

If you’ve decided on gray for your home decor, keep in mind that there are a wide variety of gray shades to choose from. Some grays have a cool blue tint while others have touches of red for warmth. Some gray shades have a mild lavender look, which may look delightful in a bathroom, and others have a greenish tint, which can work nicely in a child’s play room or rec room.


One of the first considerations when decorating your new home is the paint color. While some people opt for a specific dark tinted color for their walls, others prefer to go with a neutral color then add splashes of color throughout the rooms. Beige used to be the go to color for this purpose, but more and more Philly homeowners are reaching for buckets full of gray paint.

Furniture and Accessories

Paint isn’t the only element of your home decor to consider when you choose to accessorize with gray. You can opt to simply include gray colored items in your decor (like vases, lamps, area rugs, and drapes) or even buy all gray furniture, including the sofa, chairs and tables. You can then feel free to add bold colors to complement the overall design of your home.

Gray is commonly associated with blandness, but it turns out that it can actually be a jumping-off point for a really beautiful and inspiring interior design. Consider pushing that classic beige color aside and embrace gray as your new go to neutral color when decorating your new home.


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