Interior Decorating Ideas for Your City Philly Home

Philadelphia is an exciting place to be — but everyone needs a refuge from the hubbub sometimes. How can you channel the spirit of the City of Brotherly love with your home decor? Check out these very doable interior decorating ideas for your Philly home.

Philadelphia is an exciting place to be — but no matter how much you love the thrills of the city, everyone needs a refuge from the hubbub, and your living space should reflect that. For the best of both worlds, you can channel the spirit of the City of Brotherly love with your home decor. Check out these very doable interior decorating ideas for your Philadelphia home.

The Decoration of Independence

Philadelphia is renowned for its history as the city where America’s independence was born — use this as an inspiration to decorate your home. A patriotic theme isn’t just for the Fourth of July, but if you’re planning to make it a permanent element in your decor, it needs to be a bit understated.

Add patriotic elements to your rooms in the most delicate and simple ways, such as a small footstool designed with the American flag or a decorative sofa with red, white, and blue couch pillows.

Go for a “Rustic” Look

When you live in a high-energy city like Philadelphia, it’s nice to come home to something that reminds you of country living, so consider adding rustic elements to your city Philly home.

For instance, Philly-based interior designer Bruce Norman Long suggests creating “rusticity” using elegant classic chairs, made with simple patterns and comfortable enough to take a nap in after a long day of work. Another way to add this appeal to your home is by using specialized rustic molding pieces (sometimes called “corbels”). For instance, you might decorate your fireplace or the area around your bathroom mirror with them.

Celebrate Philly Arts and Culture

Philadelphia is well known for being a hotbed for cultural and artistic innovation, so try adding that flair to your new home. If you travel south of City Hall in Center City at night, you’ll find yourself in the arts district full of theaters and galleries. The area is lit up and energetic. Mimic that energy in your favorite room of your own home.

Turn your room (den, office, or living room) into something resembling an art gallery. Hang paintings and playbill posters from your favorite shows that have played on Broad Street in Center City. Brighten up the room with skylights installed in the ceiling and walls that illuminate your art.

When it comes to Philadelphia interior decorating ideas, this is just the beginning. Feel free to experiment: Mix things up and try something different until you find a solution that makes you feel the most at home in your Philadelphia abode.

Image Source: Flickr/Xavi Talleda


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