A View of the City: Philly Neighborhoods With the Best Views

Many people want a good view of the city when settling on a new place to live. Philadelphia has a number of areas that offer this simple pleasure — this article discusses three places where you can enjoy a good view of what Philly is all about.

A number of factors go into choosing a new neighborhood. Scenery is an oft-ignored but still important factor, especially if you are creative or have a general appreciation of nature and architecture. If you love a good view of the city, here are a few neighborhoods in the Philadelphia area worth looking into.

The Art Museum Area

There are few places in America where the beauty of the past seamlessly mixes with modern charm. The Art Museum area in Philadelphia is one of those rare places. This area is located northwest of Center City (downtown). Here you get a view of the beautiful steps that Rocky ascended in the classic movie, the expansive museum that flanks a number of city roads, and the gorgeous Center City skyline.

You also have easy access to Kelly Drive and the winding river beside it. A statue of Joan of Arc sits at the intersection near 25th and Kelly Drive. Boathouse Row, a row of waterfront houses that light up at night, is viewable from the Art Museum area. On Fairmount Avenue, you can also see the infamous Eastern State Penitentiary building, which resembles an Old World castle. Not far from the penitentiary are a number of popular modern bars and restaurants.

Don’t forget the annual Fourth of July fireworks show near the Art Museum! You can view the show from various homes in the area.

South Broad Street

If you are blessed to have a home anywhere south of City Hall in Philadelphia, you will get to enjoy a beautiful view of city life from a distance. South Broad Street extends from City Hall all the way down to Oregon Avenue and the sports stadiums. If you stand at Washington Avenue and Broad Street in South Philly, you can clearly see the full expanse of Broad Street, the theater district, and City Hall.

Penn’s Landing – Waterfront Area

Another great view in Philadelphia is the one from Delaware Avenue/Columbus Boulevard near Penn’s Landing. Penn’s Landing is a section of the port of Philadelphia that separates New Jersey from Pennsylvania. Folks who live along Delaware Avenue/Columbus Boulevard from Bainbridge to South Street and all the way up to the Ben Franklin Bridge have a nice view of the waterfront and the boats that travel to and from the port. The expansive Ben Franklin Bridge itself is a sight to behold, especially when lit up at night.

You may be surprised at all the interesting sights of Philadelphia. It’s okay to include a great view of the city on your list of requirements when looking for a new home. Take plenty of time to explore the city and find the right view for you.


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