The Jersey Shore: Where to Live in Philly for Weekend Getaways

Being that the Jersey Shore is only about an hour drive from Philadelphia, it is a popular destination for Philly residents. This article discusses three areas of Philadelphia that are most convenient to the Jersey Shore.

One exciting aspect of living in Philadelphia is its close proximity to the Jersey Shore in New Jersey. The trip is “over the river and through the woods,” almost literally. At some points in Philadelphia you can make it to the shore in about an hour, traffic permitting. At the shore you’ll find fun, sun and plenty to do, including casinos, shopping and beaches. If you are planning a move to Philly and want to make weekend trips to the Jersey Shore, here are a few areas in Philadelphia to add to your research list.

South Philly

If you want to travel to the shore regularly for weekend getaways, look into homes in South Philly. South Philadelphia is the area south of South Street that reaches all the way down to the Delaware River (north to south) and from Gray’s Ferry to the waterfront (east to west). South Philly is convenient to Route 76 and two well-traveled bridges (the Ben Franklin and Walt Whitman), which lead right into New Jersey. And don’t forget this additional perk of living in South Philly: you can always grab a sack of cheesesteaks from Genos on your way out of the city to the beach.

Port Richmond/Aramingo Avenue Area

If you enjoy road tripping to Jersey on the weekends and want convenience, you might also look into homes in the Port Richmond area, which is north of the center of Philadelphia. The most well-known main streets in the area are Kensington Avenue, Frankford Avenue, and Aramingo Avenue—all of which are convenient to Route 95 and the Betsy Ross Bridge. You can make it over the Betsy Ross (or the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge, which is north of Betsy Ross) within a few minutes and arrive at Seaside Heights in New Jersey in about an hour and a half.

University City

Though University City is mostly known as a haven for college kids, it is also an ideal location for fun-loving people of all ages who want to live close to the Jersey Shore. If you live in the area of Drexel University in University City Philadelphia, 30th Street Station is only a hop skip and a jump away. There you can catch a New Jersey Transit train to Atlantic City, which is right on the shore. This plan makes for a relaxing trip to the shore without the hassle of traffic and tolls.

You certainly don’t have to live on the Jersey Shore to enjoy your weekends there. When you live in Philadelphia, getting to the shore is a simple and relatively fast weekend journey that you might even want to take all summer long.


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  1. Frank Dolski
    November 3, 2015

    Great information! My brother-in-law actually has a condo in Wildwood and lives in the Bridesburg section of Philadelphia. It was an easy commute for he and his wife to work as well as a quick ride to the Jersey Shore. As you mentioned, there are many places to live in the Philadelphia region which allow a better commute to the Jersey Shore!


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