Work in Delaware While Living in Philly

Plenty of people choose to work in Delaware while living in the Philadelphia area. There is more to do and see in the city.This article discusses a few areas in and around Philadelphia that are convenient to traveling to Delaware for work.

Good jobs often abound in the great little state of Delaware, but many employees prefer to live closer to the City of Brotherly Love: Philadelphia. Philadelphia has a lot more attractions, art and culture to enjoy compared to towns in Delaware, which is mostly made up of quiet suburbs and rural areas. If you have recently accepted a new position and plan to work in Delaware but want to live in or closer to Philadelphia, start your new home search by looking at one of three popular areas.

The Airport Area

The Philadelphia Airport is located right off of interstate 95. I-95 is the highway that connects the Northeast United States to the South. The airport area is roughly equidistant from Center City Philadelphia and the Delaware state line, so you get the best of both worlds. There is a very quaint area of homes in the airport area to start your search.

If you prefer not to drive, SEPTA (the main transportation authority in the Philadelphia area) has a regional rail train that leaves from the airport area and heads down to Delaware or north to Philadelphia. You can easily be at work in Delaware in 30 minutes or less while leisurely enjoying your paper or iPad. And don’t forget the convenience of having the airport right next door—no need to ask a friend to drop you off for your flight anymore.

Northern Liberties

If you are going to work in Delaware but prefer to live deep in the heart of Philadelphia, the Northern Liberties is a popular destination for new transplants. If you prefer a livelier city atmosphere that is convenient to local bars, trendy restaurants and plenty of shopping, you might like the Northern Liberties. The area stretches from about Spring Garden Street to the Temple University area (South to North) and 7th Street to Delaware Avenue (West to East). It is a short distance from Center City Philadelphia, which is the downtown area of the city and also not far from the SEPTA regional rail station at 8th and Market Street.

Delaware County

If you want to live in the Philly area but not quite in the heart of the city yet also be convenient to Delaware, consider looking for houses in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Delaware County is aptly named because it is comfortably located near the state line between Delaware and Pennsylvania. If you plan to work in Newark or a town that is at least 20 minutes south of the Delaware state line, Delaware County is a solid choice.

It is a mostly suburban atmosphere with plenty of big box stores, supermarkets and parking. Towns you’ll find in the Delaware County area include Springfield, Aston and Media.

Many people enjoy going to work in Delaware because it is so convenient to a number of East Coast destinations, including Philadelphia. If you’re interested in being conveniently located close to Philadelphia and Delware, you have plenty of options.


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  1. Frank Dolski
    November 3, 2015


    You are spot on in terms of people who not only work in Delaware and live in Philadelphia but people who want to live there who work elsewhere. There is so much to do in Philadelphia in terms of history, sports, dining, shopping and sheer entertainment.
    You mentioned areas such as Northern Liberties. This an other areas of Philadelphia are being rejuvenated with new homes being built as well as supporting infrastructure. I recently sold a condo featuring close sky-top views of the Philadelphia skyline and City Hall. Truly amazing!

    Delaware County is another great place to live as well. Close to Delaware it has much to offer. I had the luxury of living in Boothwyn and Aston and know the areas such as Media (great town), Springfield, Glenn Mills and much more.

    Good article and thanks for sharing.
    Frank Dolski


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