4th of July Ideas for Your Home

The 4th of July is a big deal in the City of Brotherly Love. After all, Philly played a big role in the fight for independence. Whether you’re throwing an Independence Day party at your place or not, you can still decorate to show some patriotic spirit.

Whether you plan on heading over to the Ben Franklin Parkway for the grand finale of the Welcome America festival on July 4 or plan on having a low-key celebration at home, you can’t deny that Independence Day is a big deal in Philadelphia. Even if you aren’t having guests over to celebrate, it’s fun to bring a bit of patriotic flair to your home. Try some of these simple and easy 4th of July ideas when decorating and get ready to celebrate your country’s birthday!

Simple Garland

The quickest way to decorate your Philadelphia home for July 4 is to make a garland. If you’ll be outside, you can stretch the garland across the back wall or fence of your yard. If you’re celebrating indoors, drape the garland from corner to corner in your living room. To make it, cut a length of string or twine that is long enough to stretch from corner to corner or across your yard. Also cut red, white, and blue fabric into strips that are about 10 inches long. Tie the strips to the string, spacing each about six inches apart.

Instead of fabric, you can use red, white, and blue tissue paper to make the garland. Cut the paper into sheets that are six inches wide and 14 inches long. Place a line of glue along the middle of the paper, then set the string on top of the glue. Fold the paper over the string, long ways. Once the glue has dried, cut the tissue paper into strips, so that the garland will flutter in the breeze.

Table Decorations

4th of July ideas for your table setting can include a patriotic tablecloth and place settings. You can dress up a plain blue table runner with star-shaped stamps and some fabric paint. The same goes for blue or red napkins. For something less permanent, curl six-inch lengths of red, white, and blue curling ribbon and scatter over the table or cut out pieces of paper into star shapes and them scatter across the table. You can cover the table with plain white or butcher paper and decorate it with red and blue markers.


Bring 4th of July fireworks to your home by making a centerpiece for your table or to decorate a mantle. Fill three quart- or pint-size mason jars with white sand. Fold several pieces of red, white, or blue tissue paper into five-inch by three-inch strips. Cut slits in the paper every eighth inch or so, making sure not to cut all the way through. Tape one end of the paper strips to the top of a wooden skewer, then wrap it tightly around the skewer and tape to hold it in place. The cut ends of the paper will fluff out, making it look like a fireworks display. Repeat with a few more skewers, then place two or three in each of the sand-filled jars.


Red, white, and blue (or dark purple) flowers add a lovely decorative touch to your home for the 4th of July. Pick a bunch or two of blue- and red-colored flowers and place them in a white vase for an easy decoration, or find three smaller vases and place one flower of each color in each vase.

When decorating for Independence Day, less is often more. Pick one or two decorating ideas to add a patriotic touch to your space without going overboard.


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