3 Super-Easy Weekend DIY Home Decor Ideas


There are few things less appealing than an apartment in need of a refresh. Even less appealing? The thought of the work needed to make it look good again. But these easy DIY home decor ideas can transform your apartment in a snap.


There’s nothing like a beautiful, sparkling-clean home to make you feel happy and relaxed. Conversely, there’s nothing like a cluttered, dingy living space to turn the stomach and make all who enter want to flee. If you don’t have the time or the resources for a full reno, there are quick DIY home decor ideas that you can use to transform your space quicker than you can change your mind and say, “What’s on Netflix?”

1. Hang Reclaimed Wood Shelving

New shelving can instantly change your space from cluttered and chaotic to refined and elegant. One chic (and surprisingly easy) approach is to create graceful wall shelving using reclaimed wood. Simple planks hung on a wall can eliminate room clutter without taking up any valuable floor space. There are plenty of ways to find reclaimed wooden planks. A good local resource is Build It Green!NYC.

Once you have your planks, you can keep them natural, or you can stain or paint them the color of your choice. In the bathroom, place baskets filled with your everyday toiletries on the shelves — a couple of rolled-up white, fluffy towels and a small glass vase filled with flowers can help give the space a spa-like feel. This shelving should help eliminate the need for floor storage (especially if you have a medicine cabinet to hide away all of the extra unmentionables). In the kitchen, this shelving can be used to stack plates, store spices, or display treasured collections.

2. Install New Flooring

If you’ve got a dingy kitchen or bathroom floor that looks gross no matter how often you clean it, consider putting in a new one. If that sounds ridiculously hard and expensive, be aware that there are certain types of floors that are easy to install. With a trip to Home Depot for some natural or vinyl flooring, a utility knife, and a carpenter square, you could have a brand-new floor by sundown. And before you say, “Ew, vinyl!”, keep in mind that vinyl flooring options have come a long way since the ’50s. These days, you can get vinyl flooring that looks like genuine tile or wood, and it can dramatically change the look of a room. When it comes to DIY home decor ideas, changing flooring should be at the top of the list.

3. Change Your Lighting

Natural light from big windows is the ideal way to flood a room with a gorgeous glow, but if you don’t get a lot of natural light or if your space is generally too dark, you need to think of other ways to brighten up your space. Many people underestimate the power of lighting, but watch what happens when you swap out your shabby old ceiling light with an architecturally stunning chandelier. You’ll be wondering why you hadn’t done it sooner. Consider all types of lighting to transform your space, from crystal chandeliers and Moroccan lanterns to Hollywood tripod floor lamps and crystal tree branch lighting.

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