Spice Up Your Pad with an Accent Wall

Accent walls are gaining in popularity, as more people discover how they can take a room from perfectly pleasant to eye-poppingly gorgeous in one afternoon. This article explains how to use an accent wall to add bold color or subtle depth.

When designers today refer to accent walls, they’re not talking about that long-past-its-prime fad of sponging faux-Italianate patterns onto your walls to recreate the look of a crumbling Tuscan villa. Instead, they’re talking about individual walls in a room that are painted a different color from the rest of the walls in the space. There are several ways an accent wall can enhance the look of your home. Here are some ideas for your home.

Turn Up the Contrast

Prefer neutral color palettes, but still want to add a little oomph to your living space? Here’s how to use a single bright-colored wall to help complement your decor.

  • If you’re using stark white paint to create a gallery-like setting in your space, paint one wall a color that will be featured prominently in the room. For example, if you find that you favor accessories with orange elements, a rich orange or rust-colored wall can carry that theme throughout the room without overwhelming it.
  • Paint one of your walls a color that contrasts beautifully with all the elements in your room.

Redefine Neutral

But what if you’re a firm believer in sticking with white or beige tones? Turns out, you can still achieve a dramatic accent effect using neutrals.

Have a Little Fun

Sure, you’ve lingered over those shelter-magazine photo spreads where daring designers and fearless homeowners have painted each room in their home a different, delicious eye-popping color. You also know that never in a million years would you ever do that in your own house … but you secretly wish you could. If you want to make a statement that’s bold — but not too bold — make a splash with your accent wall.

  • That crimson color you fell in love with when you went apple picking in the Hudson Valley last fall? It would look amazing as an accent wall, especially when paired with softer, quieter shades.
  • Make your accent wall the feature wall as well. Certain colors can make elements like fireplace mantels or wall art really pop.
  • Use color to create the right mood in a room. A deep, dark grey can impart a romantic, cozy mood, while a bright sunflower-yellow accent wall can practically bring the sunshine in.

Image Source: Flickr/Maureen Didde


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