3 Tips for Marketing your Smart Home Listing

Consider these 3 tips when marketing a smart home listing!


In this day of overwhelmingly available consumer tech, it’s becoming the norm to start your day off with, “Hey Alexa, make me a cup of coffee please” or to turn the lights off when you’re halfway across the world on vacation. When it comes to selling the fully connected home of today as an agent, newspaper ads and “Just Listed” postcards aren’t going to cut it.  Instead, consider these 3 tips when marketing a smart home listing:

  1. Hold an Interactive Open House
    This is not your average open house! Schedule a weekend walk through home tour where you cover all the smart devices included in the house. At the beginning of the tour, provide your guests a guide listing the various smart home products included in the home and their location. Make sure to have a pin card near each product with the brand logo, name of the product, and capabilities listed. Have your guests demo the devices on a phone or tablet so they can touch and experience what these devices will do to improve their lives every day.  
  2. Hold a Broker Open Demonstration
    Give the traditional broker open a new twist. Even though Coldwell Banker has self-paced courses that can certify you as a Smart Home Realtor®, not all agents in your market are going to be able to identify the smart home tech showcased in your listing when they are showing it to buyers. Similar to the interactive open house, invite agents and brokers in your area to walk through the property and interact with the featured products.
  3. Share Video Demonstrations on Social Media
    The power of social media can work wonders for your smart home listing; especially since you are featuring new gadgets that peaks curiosity! Record short 30-60 second demonstrations of each smart home product and push it out to all your social media channels. If the sellers aren’t camera shy, you can ask them to be featured sharing why they chose to buy this product and how it’s made a positive impact on their daily life. Make sure you are tagging each brand’s manufacturer for an even greater reach!

Always be prepared to address the inevitable privacy concerns from potential buyers. Yes, these devices are connected to the internet and store a lot of (sometimes very sensitive) information about the current owners. Brush up on the security features of each device and the precautions taken to perform a reset on the devices to erase all information.

Now it’s time to get excited! When you get excited about the products and features of a house, it is going to show in every one of your marketing efforts. Do your research, become the expert, and soon enough selling smart homes will be a no-brainer.

Written by Mary Greb, Marketing Director at Coldwell Banker Professional, REALTORS®

If you’re already affiliated with Coldwell Banker and want to learn more about our Smart Home initiative, visit CB Exchange and search “Smart Home.”

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Christian is the Senior Manager of Brand Media for Coldwell Banker Real Estate. In this role, he oversees social media for the brand as well as media planning for all national advertising campaigns. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, building LEGO sets and binging TV's latest hits. He currently resides in Miami, FL.

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