3 Tips to Winterize Your Home


Yes, you have to winterize your home, even if you live in an apartment in NYC. Getting your home ready for the cold season can help you and your loved ones stay toasty and warm even if winter’s throwing its worst at you.


Yes, you have to winterize your home even if you live in an NYC apartment. It may have been an unseasonably warm October and November here in NYC, but don’t let the mercury fool you. Old Man Winter can swoop in at any time and wipe that cheerful, Indian-summer-eating grin off your face, leaving you with what will feel like frostbitten toes and an icy apartment. To keep your apartment warm and cozy all winter long, check out the following tips.

1. Change your sofa by changing the cover or adding throws. Many sofa covers are removable, making it easy to “get a brand new sofa” simply by swapping one cover for another. If you bought your sofa from major brands like Ikea, Crate and Barrel, or Pottery Barn, you can go to the company website and look for a warmer texture or color that will work with your winter mood. If you’ve got a leather or linen sofa, you may find that the material that felt so cool and refreshing when you sat down on it in the fall is now unbearably cold and unforgiving. Invest in a removable sofa cover made of warmer materials like microfiber suede. It will not only instantly change the look of the room, but it will also warm up the spot where you spend most of your time.

2. Add throws and pillows to chairs and sofas. OK, so you saythere’s no way your spending upwards of $500 — on the low side — on a cover that I’m only going to use for four or five months. If you don’t wish to spend the money to change out your sofa cover for a winter-ready one, or if you think it wouldn’t be worth it financially, you can still warm up your seating areas by cozying them up with throws and pillows. What could be more comfortable than snuggling up with a loved one to watch American Horror Story on your cozy sofa while you’re wrapped tightly with a faux-fur throw. Not only are you adding warmth to the space, but you’re giving it a dazzling layer of texture.

3. Seal your windows and doors. The most common way for apartments to remain chilly through the winter is through windows and doorways that aren’t adequately sealed. Ask anyone whose apartment faces an elevator if they’re ever aware of people’s comings and goings during the day. The answer is a resounding “YES” — every time an elevator door opens or closes, it creates a little wind effect that pushes air underneath doorways, freezing and infuriating apartment occupants.

Install door sweeps at the bottoms of your doors so that cold air doesn’t have a chance to blow through your home. If you’re in a pinch, stuff an old blanket or thick cloth under the door until you can get to Home Depot. If you don’t have well-insulated windows, pick up a window insulation kit at the hardware store. They’re super easy to install on your own, and they are excellent at blocking out the chill. Calk any gaps or spaces in between the windows and the sills and frame before you put up the insulation. Close the windows (obviously!), but open the curtains in sun-facing rooms during the day. The warmth will penetrate the glass and then penetrate the room.

It doesn’t cost a fortune or take up much time to winterize your home. By getting a head start now, you’ll be snug and warm when the winter winds howl through the city.

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