4 Healthy Dining Options in Acadiana

Restaurants are leaning towards fresher, cleaner, and locally inspired ingredients. If you reside in Acadiana — or may be thinking of moving to the area — here are four healthy dining options to consider.

When it comes to food, Acadiana is packed with flavor in its culinary offerings. From boudin to gumbo to the wonderful messy affair of a crawfish boil — if you grew up here, you have got some serious Cajun taste buds. While pride is definitely apparent in the restaurant scene, the area has noticed an underground movement towards healthy dining in recent years. This growing community is young and energetic and has become a lot more interested in how food impacts overall health. Restaurants are leaning towards fresher, cleaner, and locally inspired ingredients — some even offering healthy meal prep for the busy, on-the-go consumer. If you reside in Acadiana — or may be thinking of moving to the area — here are four healthy dining options to consider.

Sandra’s Cafe and Health Food Store

Sandra’s Cafe and Health Food Store aims to provide Acadiana with a wide variety of home-cooked meals that are savory yet still remain healthy. Pulling fresh produce from their store’s organic inventory daily, each meal is prepared with little waste in mind. Their healthy plate lunches are prepared with all-natural and clean ingredients. You can find their daily menu on Facebook, which typically contains good old-fashioned homestyle meals such as lasagna, elk stew, and rotisserie chicken, with their most popular menu item being chicken shawarma.

Sandra's Cafe and Health Food Store

Image Source: Courtesy of Sandra’s Cafe and Health Food Store

In addition to the healthy dining cafe, Sandra’s also operates a full health food store and serves the community with nutritional and natural groceries, vitamins, and skincare products. They work really hard to keep their prices competitive while maintaining superb quality.

Sandra’s Cafe and Health Food Store
111 Rena Drive
Lafayette, LA
(337) 988-0108

Rachael’s Cafe

Rachael’s Cafe opened as a Cajun cafe five years ago, and introduced a healthy menu — now known as their FIT Meals — three years ago after friends and family requested healthier menu selections. Not only are their meals healthy, they are also flavorful and customizable. To order, you’ll choose from proteins such as chicken, pork chops, red snapper, and scallops and then select two sides from offerings such as smothered cabbage, okra, green beans, and coconut sweet potatoes. The most popular menu items are the grilled chicken and coconut sweet potatoes.

Rachael's Cafe

Image Source: Courtesy of Rachael’s Cafe

In additional to their FIT Meals, the restaurant also introduced meal prep about two years ago. Meals can be ordered from their website where nutritional facts for each item can be found. Rachael’s avoids preparing their meals in bulk and guarantees that each meal is made on the day of pick up.

Rachael’s Cafe
104 Republic Avenue, Suite B
Lafayette, LA
(337) 504-4625

Good Eats Kitchen

Good Eats Kitchen began as an accident after Chef Boyer Derise started meal prepping for family and friends. The restaurant’s goal is to provide convenience to families and professionals who don’t have the time to prepare and cook meals because of their busy schedules. Focusing on providing chef-prepared meals for the health-conscious consumer, Good Eats Kitchen is reinventing the fast food concept. Their target demographic is everyone, since they prepare meals for any dietary consideration. Transparent color-coded nutrition labels give the consumer the necessary tools they need to make a decision based on their specific restriction — whether it be gluten free, paleo, low sodium, high protein, allergies, dairy free, carb conscious, etc.

Good Eats Kitchen

Image Source: Courtesy of Good Eats Kitchen

On the menu you’ll find selections such as bison and red bean chili, pulled pork stuffed sweet potato, Thai coconut shrimp, and their most popular menu item: green chili chicken enchiladas. Using techniques like charring and grilling, flavor is never sacrificed in their healthful menu selections. Their meals are never frozen and are locally prepared. They plan to open a second location in Youngsville, LA, at the end of the year.

Good Eats Kitchen
1116F Coolidge Street
Lafayette, LA
(337) 534-4533

Taco Sisters

Taco Sisters was created by sisters Molly and Katy Richard nearly 12 years ago. The restaurant is all about homemade specialties created with the freshest ingredients they can find. They source what they can from the Farmer’s Market, local companies, and fish caught straight from the Gulf of Mexico. Taco Sisters strives to provide the best and healthiest alternative to traditional fast food in Louisiana — food that they feel good about feeding to their own families.

Taco Sisters

Image Source: Courtesy of Taco Sisters

Their menu features tacos, burritos, and salads that can all be customized to your own liking. Their most popular items include smothered brisket, smoked shrimp, and smoked tuna. Taco Sisters accommodate most dietary restrictions upon request, and their staff is always willing and ready to answer any questions consumers may have. In additional to their Freetown location that offers a drive thru, dine-in garden, and newly added breakfast menu, they have also launched a Taco Sisters mobile food truck and a second location at 3902 Johnson Street (Midtown).

Taco Sisters (Freetown)
407 Johnson Street
Lafayette, LA
(337) 234-8226


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