4 Holiday Decorating Ideas for Your NYC Apartment

The holiday season is approaching, and it certainly is a wonderful time of the year in New York City. Townhouse stoops are decorated, and holiday lights twinkle. Here are a few holiday decorating ideas to create a festive feeling in your own space.

The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and it certainly is a wonderful time of year in New York City. Townhouse stoops are decorated with greenery, lights twinkle on trees, and the energy of holiday shoppers is palpable in the shopping districts. Seeing such lovely displays of holiday spirit all over the city may inspire you to bedeck your own NYC apartment in festive cheer! Here are a few holiday decorating ideas to help you create a festive feeling in a small space:

A Tiny Tree

No apartment is too tiny for a Christmas tree! You can easily find trees in a variety of sizes, from tabletop, to two- or three-foot trees, and larger. Check Whole Foods Market or just walk around your neighborhood! As the holidays approach, you can’t go more than a few blocks without running into a big stand of people selling trees from all different tree farms. The smaller trees tend to go quickly, so be sure to snag yours early, or ask the sellers to give you an idea of their schedules so you don’t miss the newest batches. If you don’t want to lug your tree home, there are several tree farms with websites from which you can order a tree to be delivered to your doorstep! It doesn’t get much easier than that. Try Tyler’s Trees or SoHo Trees.

Holiday Lights

When it comes to holiday decorating ideas, nothing is more festive or cozy than strands of tiny, golden holiday lights twinkling away. These can be strung up around a window, threaded around a doorway, draped across a curtain rod or over a headboard … whatever looks good to your eye! You can find these festive lights at many stores and websites — Ikea is a good place to start.


In addition to a putting up tree, you can place greenery all over your apartment. Little boxwood topiaries look lovely year round, but they can be made especially festive with a simple red or black-and-white striped bow. A wreath hung from your door also brings a lot of holiday cheer to a space, without taking up a lot of space! Filling a bowl with pieces of greenery and pinecones can create a festive centerpiece as well.

Hang Cards

Another idea is to hang holiday cards that you receive from friends and loved ones. By hanging them on the wall, you save valuable counter and tabletop space. If you have a little pinboard, you can pin them up. If not, just put them on your wall in a neat configuration with gold washi tape! It will look colorful and festive, and it will remind you of all the people in your life who wish you good cheer.

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