Celebrating Excellence: Coldwell Banker Agents Shine in AREAA’s A-List Awards

We are thrilled to extend our congratulations to the outstanding agents and teams within the Coldwell Banker network for their remarkable rankings in the Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA) annual “A-List” awards. This recognition is a testament to their dedication to serving Asian American homeowners and communities.

AREAA is committed to promoting sustainable homeownership opportunities in Asian American communities by creating a powerful national voice for housing and real estate professionals that serve this dynamic market.

The AREAA’s A-List honors the top producers who have not only excelled but have also made significant contributions to the Asian American real estate landscape. We are proud to announce that 65 Coldwell Banker agents have been recognized in the 2023 A-List across four categories: Individual Sales Volume, Individual Transaction Sides, Team Sales Volume and Team Transaction Sides. Rankings were based on 2022 production.

At Coldwell Banker, we take immense pride in attracting top-notch professionals in the real estate industry. Our belief in the power of excellence drives us to support and nurture talent within our network. The recognition received by our agents and teams in the AREAA’s A-List reaffirms our commitment to fostering a culture of diversity and excellence.

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Top Sales Professionals by 2022 Individual Volume:

1Tracy AllenColdwell Banker RealtyAloha
8Dano SaylesColdwell Banker Island PropertiesAloha
12Ellie YungColdwell Banker RealtyCA Orange County
17Stephanie YoungColdwell Banker RealtyCA Orange County
19Janice LeeColdwell Banker RealtySan Francisco Peninsula
22Fion YauColdwell Banker RealtySan Francisco Peninsula
23Lina ShahColdwell Banker RealtyGreater Chicago
24Henry LiuColdwell Banker DynastyInland Empire
25Beth ChangColdwell Banker RealtyAloha
38Rachel TurnerColdwell Banker RealtyNational
45Julie GrittonColdwell Banker PremierGreater Philadelphia
46Sacha BlanchetColdwell Banker RealtyGreater Phoenix
63Angela WongColdwell Banker RealtyGreater Los Angeles
65Erin StumpfColdwell Banker RealtyGreater Sacramento
67Douglas ShanefieldColdwell Banker RealtyAloha
75John PetersonColdwell Banker RealtyAloha
84Shari M. HooksColdwell Banker RealtyAloha
85Donna DavidsColdwell Banker RealtyBoston
89Michael JonesColdwell Banker RealtyColumbus
91Ronda Ching DayColdwell Banker RealtyAloha
98Colette NishimuraColdwell Banker RealtyAloha
103Victoria LamColdwell Banker RealtySan Francisco Peninsula
106Eleanor SimonColdwell Banker RealtyAloha
108Haydee De DiosColdwell Banker ExclusiveNorth Los Angeles
111Mie KimColdwell Banker RealtySan Diego
112Kayla UekiColdwell Banker RealtyAloha
114Diane PollandColdwell Banker American HomesNew York East
115Armida DiazColdwell Banker DanforthGreater Seattle
123Naoko OkadaColdwell Banker RealtyAloha
129Lisa HaeringerColdwell Banker RealtyAloha
138Tommy KimColdwell Banker RealtyAloha
148Dawn KayanoColdwell Banker RealtyAloha
163Ariel BavermanColdwell Banker RealtyAtlanta Metro
165Amal KhalilColdwell Banker RealtyGreater Chicago


Top Sales Professionals by 2022 Individual Sides:

21Julie GrittonColdwell Banker PremierGreater Philadelphia
24Fion YauColdwell Banker RealtySan Francisco Peninsula
25Sacha BlanchetColdwell Banker RealtyGreater Phoenix
32Stephanie YoungColdwell Banker RealtyCA Orange County
T34Ellie YungColdwell Banker RealtyCA Orange County
T34Lina ShahColdwell Banker RealtyGreater Chicago
T42Michael JonesColdwell Banker RealtyColumbus
46Erin StumpfColdwell Banker RealtyGreater Sacramento
48Tracy AllenColdwell Banker RealtyAloha
T53Janice LeeColdwell Banker RealtySan Francisco Peninsula
57Donna DavidsColdwell Banker RealtyBoston
T62Dano SaylesColdwell Banker Island PropertiesAloha
T71Armida DiazColdwell Banker DanforthGreater Seattle
T79Henry LiuColdwell Banker DynastyInland Empire
T84Colette NishimuraColdwell Banker RealtyAloha
T91Eleanor SimonColdwell Banker RealtyAloha
T102Lisa HaeringerColdwell Banker RealtyAloha
T108Rachel TurnerColdwell Banker RealtyNational
T108Amal KhalilColdwell Banker RealtyGreater Chicago
114Kayla UekiColdwell Banker RealtyAloha
117Victoria LamColdwell Banker RealtyGreater East Bay
T119Angela WongColdwell Banker RealtyGreater Los Angeles
T119Ronda Ching DayColdwell Banker RealtyAloha
T121John PetersonColdwell Banker RealtyAloha
T121Haydee De DiosColdwell Banker ExclusiveNorth Los Angeles
T121Ariel BavermanColdwell Banker RealtyAtlanta Metro
129Beth ChangColdwell Banker RealtyAloha
130Shari M. HooksColdwell Banker RealtyAloha


Top Sales Professionals by 2022 Team Volume:

20Beth BillingtonThe Beth Billington Team - Coldwell BankerGreater Seattle
76Jason & ThuAn WaldieThe Waldie Group - Coldwell BankerSan Diego


Top Sales Professionals by 2022 Team Sides:

52Beth BillingtonThe Beth Billington Team - Coldwell BankerGreater Seattle

Senior Manager, Public Relations & Giving for Coldwell Banker. Grew up in Sarasota and attended college at Western Carolina University. Athena wanted to wake up in that city that doesn’t sleep so headed to Madison Avenue to start her marketing career. She has been with this awesome brand for more than 15 years and can be found generating buzz about CB in every way possible. Athena helps to grow the brand’s position as the most storied real estate company within the industry and has led many high-profile endeavors; she was at the forefront of the brand’s pioneering smart home campaign, raised $6 million in two years to build 130 Habitat for Humanity homes, and led the Homes for Dogs program in partnership with Adopt-a-Pet.com that resulted in tens-of-thousands of dogs finding their furever home. She currently leads the CB Supports St. Jude program, which encourages the Coldwell Banker network’s 96,000+ real estate agents to make donations to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital for every real estate transaction they represent. In her spare time, you can find her either digging up a new area in her yard for another flower bed or planning her next travel adventure. She's the proud mom of three cats Jolene, Ziggy and Lucy.

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