Avoid Rainy Day Blues During an Open House


Learn how to cope when rain or gloomy weather threatens to dampen your open house event. Find out how to convince buyers that purchasing your home will be a smart decision even in inclement weather or flood zone areas.


As May has a history of producing record-shattering rainfall in Dallas, holding an open house during this month can potentially dampen home-showing plans. You don’t, however, have to let a rainy day or a gloomy forecast throw a wet blanket on your open house event. Simply follow these tips to turn your home into a ray of sunshine on the real estate market.

Start from Outside

Replace your welcome mat with an outdoor mat designed to tackle rain and mud. Having buyers wipe their feet on these mats can prevent slips and falls and reduce mud-tracking. If your home features light-colored carpeting, provide disposable rain booties or shoe covers to buyers before they enter the house to avoid heavy-duty cleanings between showings.

Offer buyers umbrellas to get to and from their vehicles and have fresh towels ready at your door. You can pick up a few of these items at a dollar store to save money and send your buyers away with a great parting gift. Your hospitality might be what convinces them to choose to buy your house over another that they’re mulling over.

Turn Your Interior from Dreary to Dreamy

Reach for your most vibrant decor to counteract the gloom outside. Choose vivid accent pillows, rugs, and other decorations to add a splash of uplifting color to your home. Upgrade your window treatments to brighten up your interior. Remember to pull the drapes back to allow as much sunlight as possible into the house.

Exposure to rain can bring down a body’s internal temperature. Encourage your buyers to warm up to a potential sale by turning up your thermostat and offering hot drinks. Both of these tactics can relax buyers and make them feel more comfortable.

If you live in a multiple-story home, ensure the safety of your potential buyers by adding traction tape to hardwood steps. Placing traction tape on inclines and other slippery surfaces can be an especially important safety measure to take, especially if you anticipate showing your home to the elderly or disabled on a rainy day. It may also convince parents that your home is kid-friendly.

Spin your favorite upbeat music in the background while potential buyers tour your home. A soothing or joyful instrumental can prove appealing to fans of all music genres. It can make your home feel inviting and fun, even when rain threatens to put a damper on your showcasing efforts.

Grin and Bear It

If Mother Nature has decided that your area is due for a flood, consider postponing your open house until a drier day or season. It’ll save buyers the hassle of navigating flood zones to get to your home and spare you the embarrassment of an unforeseen influx of water in your abode. Postponing will give you the opportunity to assess any damage and rectify issues like mold, wood warping, and carpet replacement before showing your home to buyers. The result can be a sale that is smooth sailing all the way to the bank.


Samantha Gonzales is a copywriter specializing in marketing, business, and educational publishing.

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