Beyond Ikea: Cool Furniture Shops in NYC

Ikea is awesome as far as furniture shops go; it offers chic, affordable furniture that can help a novice look like a top Scandinavian designer. But there’s so much more to choose from in NYC’s furniture shop landscape. Following are some of the greats.

You love Ikea. We love Ikea. It’s awesome. ABC Carpet & Home? Heaven for furniturephiles. CB2? C U there! Even though these furniture shops are an indelible part of NYC’s furniture store landscape, there are many more amazing places in the city where you can buy awesome furniture, some of it affordable and some of it the price of a New York apartment down payment. Here’s a list of just a few cool furniture shops.


You’ve strolled around ABC Carpet & Home and fallen in love with a gorgeous coffee table made out of a vintage Indian door, but you knew that making the $5,000 purchase would mean you’d have to go on an all ramen noodle diet (the packet kind, not the cool kind from places like Mokbar that you Instagram to your followers). What are you going to do, build one yourself? You could — or you could make your way over to the brilliant, hidden treasure known as Nadeau.

Filled to overflowing with imported, beautiful furniture from places like India and Malaysia, this wonderfully chaotic shop offers customers gorgeous, affordable, unique imported furniture that you can’t find anywhere else. With branches from Los Angeles to New York City to D.C., this is a shop for stylish folks who are high on style yet conservative with their cash.

57 East 11th Street, New York, NY

Furnish Green

Dreaming about a clawfoot piano stool that’s so authentic that you can practically see faint nicks of the knife blade that was used to carve it? You will looove Furnish Green. This is the kind of store that vintage lovers have been looking for; one where the proprietors scope out the best antique furniture around and price it at an accessible price point.

Founder Nathan Hescock and crew truly care about every item that they sell, carefully cleaning and repairing each piece before putting it up for sale. They can even take an item and paint/stain it your signature shade of lime green (or whatever) if you wish. Check out their site for heaps of eye candy, and check out their blog for fantastic inspiration.

1261 Broadway, Suite 309, New York, NY

From the Source

If your design sweet spot falls somewhere between modern and global, collect $200 from your ATM, pass the go sign, and head over to From the Source. This is the place for shoppers who may love the design of pieces that they find at Ikea but wish they were made out of a better or more unique quality of wood. This timberland wonderland is filled with items like beds, bookshelves and tables, both ready-made and bespoke.

104 West 17th Street, New York, NY

69 West Street, Brooklyn, NY


Furniture so exquisite, so heart-stoppingly beautiful, you feel like it needs a velvet rope; that’s the impression you get when you check out BDDW in Soho. Every stick, plank, and swath of furniture has been designed by Tyler Hays, the shop’s self-described “hillbilly” owner who’s a creative mastermind. Beds, tables, and chairs are crafted out of heirloom-quality wood in the company’s Philadelphia factory and then displayed and sold out of the company’s architecturally stunning Soho location. If you’re looking to get an idea of cost, lets just say billionaires love his work.

5 Crosby Street, New York, NY

Image Source: Flickr/Nick Keppol


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