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Coldwell Banker agent, Tony Giordano, credits the Coldwell Banker iPad listing presentation as one of the reasons he was able to get a $14.5 million listing for Coldwell Banker Costa Rica. We sat down with Tony to find out what was the story behind the listing presentation.

If you’ve ever bought a home using a real estate agent, chances are the first time you met with that agent they took you through some kind of presentation about their services and what you can offer them.

I remember the first time my wife and I met with an agent, they broke out this three ring binder and flipped from page to page talking about their skills, available technology for marketing my listing, as well as the benefits of working with their real estate brand. That was 2007 and I can say the three ring binder wasn’t that impressive.

Now I was only selling a 2 bedroom townhouse so maybe I shouldn’t have expected all the trimmings of a stellar presentation. In stark contrast to my experience, Coldwell Banker agent Tony Giordano of Malibu, CA has taken the traditional listing presentation to a whole new level and quite possibly his actions are what real estate customers will soon come to expect of their real estate agent.

Tony credits the Coldwell Banker iPad listing presentation as one of the reasons he was able to get a $14.5 million listing for Coldwell Banker Costa Rica. We sat down with Tony to find out what was the story behind the listing presentation.

What made you go out and get an iPad? Was your original intention to use it for business?
There was no question when the iPad rolled out that I new I needed one. At first I knew it would be good for MLS searching and being able to change status on listings on the MLS sites which I could not do on my iPhone. I had no idea from there that I would be using it on this level for listing appointments.

How did you find about the Coldwell Banker listing presentation?
Coldwell Banker makes it very easy to find out about things like this. I am pretty sure I heard about it from 4 different forms of technology in a matter of minutes from Facebook, Twitter, and email alerts from my office. Like our tagline says, ‘We Never Stop Moving.’

Some might be surprised to hear about an iPad listing presentation being done for a $14 million listing, what made you try it out on this listing?
The first reason I tried it out is that it’s something new and fresh. I felt like this presentation would put me above the competition. The second reason is that I feel the iPad and the Coldwell Banker presentation are valuable enough to be used on any listing, in all honesty. If anything I am glad the presentation came out when it did so I was able to use it for this particular listing as well as all of my future listings.

I’ve heard that you not only did the listing presentation on the iPad but also via a web cam? How did that work?
Well since the property is in Costa Rica, I felt it would be best to have my Coldwell Banker associate down there and the seller tune in via skype and I plugged the iPad in to a 60 inch screen so they could see it clearly. Sure it’s your common interaction with a potential customer, but the results speak for itself and I wouldn’t hesitate to try a web conference again for future listings.

Kudos to you Tony for taking the age old listing presentation to the next level. If it can work on a multi-million dollar meeting I don’t see why it wouldn’t work on any listing. Just another way that Coldwell Banker agents go above and beyond for their customers.

To connect with Tony you can visit his website or follow him on Twitter.

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David Marine is the Chief Marketing Officer at Coldwell Banker, where he oversees the brand’s marketing efforts and content strategy including acting as managing editor for the Coldwell Banker blog and heading up video production efforts. While CMO by day, David runs a three ring circus at night as he is the father of 4 boys. He also happens to be married to Wonder Woman. True story.

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  2. @AgentImage
    February 2, 2011

    Kudos to you Tony!

  3. RedTigerChris
    February 21, 2011

    That's a large reason why I bought an iPad – for presentations. I have a Mac at home with Keynote so it only makes sense to have it on the iPad as well to take those presentations mobile. The only thing the iPad is missing is the forward facing camera, which would be awesome for video conferencing on the go. Something I'm sure iPad 2 will have though.


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