Cat-Friendly Furniture for Your Home

Choosing the right materials for cat-friendly furniture can make your Dallas home the perfect haven for both kitties and their humans. Learn how to keep your cat safe and happy with scratchers and house-proofing.

Cat-friendly furniture is important to any Dallas-Fort Worth home with feline residents. Smart furniture choices can help keep your upholstery clean and fur-free, but you’ll also want to provide alternatives to your new sofa if your cat likes to scratch.

Material Matters

Several cat owners on say that microsuede is the way to go with sofas and chairs, as the tight weave of the fabric will deter your cats from scratching it. (Alternately, if you don’t like the look or feel of microsuede, you can try a high-quality velvet — one poster claimed his cats won’t touch it.)

Although microsuede is a popular material for cat-friendly furniture, it does have a drawback: Some cat owners report that, depending on the quality of the fabric, hair may be difficult to remove from it. Some people use a damp cloth, but another tip is to scoop the hair up with your hands while wearing rubber kitchen gloves. Most cat owners also keep lint rollers around their home to help with hair cleanup.

Leather also is a cat-friendly furniture choice, although some cats will still scratch it. Leather sofas and chairs are popular in the Metroplex because leather works well with a wide variety of décor styles and is comfortable during the hot summer months.

Provide Kitty Alternatives

To keep cats from clawing your furniture, they need alternatives. It’s a natural instinct for cats to sharpen their claws, but you can provide them scratching posts and other diversions.

According to Cat Connection, a Dallas cat-care company, the key is getting to know what type of scratcher your cat prefers. Some cats like rope-covered scratching posts, but others do just fine with a cardboard scratcher. Add catnip to the scratcher periodically for extra enticement.

Train Your Cat Before You Buy

After you’ve provided your cat with an alternative scratching spot, one cat expert says to start training your cat to stay away from your new furniture while you still have your old pieces. As a deterrent, Cat Connection suggests spraying products that contain Bitter Apple or eucalyptus on their favorite furniture-scratching spots. (Pepper works, too.) Double-sided tape or specially designed products for cats can also break the scratching habit.

Cat-Proof Window Coverings

Cats love looking out the window, and window coverings can become a toy for a bored kitten. Cat Connection recommends that feline lovers use vertical blinds to keep inquisitive kitties from climbing drapes or tearing up mini blinds. If you want curtains or drapes in your home, Cat Connection suggests hanging them with tension rods: If the cat pulls on the draperies, they’ll simply fall down on top of the cat. After a few times of pulling them down, the cat will likely look for something else to do.

Make Your Home a Cat-Safe Haven

Although cat-friendly furniture can keep your home looking great, be mindful of your kitty’s safety. No matter what window coverings you choose, make sure to keep the pull cords away from your cats to avoid accidental strangulation. Be aware of plants that are toxic to cats and avoid owning them. This way, you’ll both enjoy a safe, cat-friendly home.

Image Source: Flickr/Barbara Müller-Walter


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