Christmas Ideas for a Stylish Celebration

If you believe that when it comes to decor and Christmas ideas that less is more, there are ways to have your Christmas decorating cake and eat it, too! The following ideas are impactful yet tasteful.

For many people, when it comes to Christmas ideas, less is more. They may like to look at outlandish over-the-top holiday displays, but their tastes are a lot more simple when it comes to the decor that will be in their own homes. If a more elegant, streamlined Christmas in your New York apartment is your thing, the ideas below can help you start dreaming of a not too bright Christmas.

If You’re Going to Get a Tree …

pink Christmas tree

Image Source: Flickr/Pascal Terjan

If a cacophonous rainbow of dueling colors draped over miles and miles of branches in your living room makes you want to reach for the Dramamine, tone it down a notch (or forty) by going for a streamlined and elegant tree. This can be accomplished in several different ways:

* Choose a color, and stick with it. Monochromatic color schemes can draw you in without overwhelming you. If you’re choosing a traditional pine or spruce Christmas tree, choose lights and decor that are all the same color. For instance, there’s something very striking and clean about a Christmas tree that’s been completely decked out with white or silver ornaments.

* Pick a brightly colored tree, and let it stand on its own like a piece of art. Picture it: a deep pink tree set in the middle of your all-white living room, drawing your guests’ eyes with all its fuschia glory from the moment they step into the room.

Less Is More

Don’t overdo it when it comes to Christmas ideas. That need to fill every nook and cranny of a room with “Christmas” is what causes many people to overdose on the holiday spirit before the holidays even begin. Spread out the holiday tchotchkes so that they can actually be noticed and enjoyed. A stunning snow globe on your credenza is a masterpiece. Five snow globes, some garlands, a smattering of clay snowmen and some tinsel on that same credenza can seem like a mess. Space everything out.

Create a Theme

You know what makes those store Christmas windows so elegant? They’re striking because they’re all based on a theme, or a single, central idea. It’s become theater, and even the over-the-top displays end up looking elegant and chic because they all lead back to a single idea. Think of those displays when you think of your own holiday decor. Maybe you’re passionate about that perennial Christmas favorite, The Nutcracker. Decorate your home with items from the ballet, including items like funky nutcrackers (Target sells some of the quirkiest), ballet slippers hung on the wall or on the tree … the list of possibilities is endless.

Main Image Source: Flickr/Anthony Quintano


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