Coldwell Banker Around the World: February 2021

Imagine living on an island where the balmy Tradewinds and the rolling tides let you know if today is a good day to play a round of 18 holes on one of the world-renowned golf courses, or if it would be better to take a charter boat to a secret cove to scuba, snorkel, or fish.

The following guest post was co-written by Lynn Kaiser Conrad, Brand Ambassador, and Kaitlin McMurdo, International Affiliate Service Director, for Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC

At Coldwell Banker Around the World, we make the world a little more friendly and intimate by showcasing our global franchises. Perhaps you, like many people, are in need of a vacation. Imagine living on an island where the balmy Tradewinds and the rolling tides let you know if today is a good day to play a round of 18 holes on one of the world-renowned golf courses, or if it would be better to take a charter boat to a secret cove to scuba, snorkel, or fish.

There are many choices, active or leisure; you can shop or sunbathe, just flip a coin. Whichever you choose, whether you are visiting or living on this tropical island in the Caribbean Sea, Coldwell Banker Prime Realty is idyllically situated in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

“The daily catches the fishermen bring in make for fresh and amazing seafood, and many new restaurants are blending traditional dishes with a modern flair,” H. Michael Heuser, Manager and Realtor of Coldwell Banker Prime Realty, states.

Blending tradition with modern seems to be all the rage in Punta Cana, as Heuser also noted that while much of the architecture has a traditionally Mediterranean feel to it, they are seeing newer builds with contemporary and modern styles in the region. We think we could be happy with either option in the beautiful climate of the Dominican Republic, and we certainly wouldn’t want to miss a plate of the traditional rice, beans, and braised chicken!

“Whether someone is looking to raise a family, retire, vacation, or invest, as a leading destination in the Caribbean with miles of white sand beaches and an endless variety of activities, Punta Cana and the country’s east coast offers tremendous opportunities for internationals and locals alike,” Heuser shared.

Where do you live:  Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

What is the perfect weekend day like: Waking up to sunny clear skies, enjoying the beautiful white sand beaches with family and friends, a round of golf at one of several seaside courses, and top it off with an incredible fresh seafood dinner.

What are the common modes of transportation there: Cars and bicycles are the most common while you will also see people enjoying golf carts within the resort communities.

Tell us about the foods your area is known for: The area is known for its fresh and amazing seafood, in particular, Red Snapper and Mahi Mahi which fisherman bring in the daily fresh catch. There is also a growing culinary scene which blends the regions traditional dishes with a modern flair.

What is your favorite meal? At home or at a restaurant: Fresh fish in garlic sauce at one of the areas wonderful restaurants is certainly a favorite dish. But sometimes, nothing beats a traditional Dominican cuisine meal in the comfort of home consistent of rice, beans, and braised chicken.

Where do you recommend someone vacation in your region, why: I would recommend visitors to vacation in the Cap Cana, Punta Cana, and Bavaro area. The resorts and vacation homes offer the best quality of life with miles of white sand beaches, over 10 golf courses some of which are world-renowned, several marinas where you can charter a deep sea fishing or scuba diving tour, and the people are extremely friendly, helpful, and an overall joy.

What is your favorite recreational or leisure time activity: While golfing and scuba diving are always a great choice, a beautiful day at the beach with family and friends is truly a perfect leisure activity.

Is there a specialty your area is known for: The Dominican Republic is very well known for its excellent personnel service, friendly people, and the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Share a little known but interesting fact about the area/region: Canal de La Mona which is off the coast of Punta Cana is one of the best Sport Fishing areas in the Caribbean.

If you were to live in any other region where we have a Coldwell Banker presence, where would it be and why:  While I would not change Punta Cana for anything,  Aspen would be nice where I could enjoy a snowy winter, change of seasons, and sprawling Rocky Mountains. 

Territory Summary:

While economic disparities still exist, the country’s economic situation continues to improve year after year. The true development of the area began roughly 50 years ago with the Punta Cana Resort & Club along with foreign investment which spurred the growth of all-inclusive hotels in the area. Some years later, the development of Cap Cana Resort began which has also become a leading destination in the Caribbean. With steady growth, consistently sunny weather, and amazing activities, the Punta Cana area has become the leading tourist destination in the Caribbean. The Punta Cana region is relatively flat with low trees and bushes, some marsh land, and over 60 miles stunning coastline.

Key Facts:

  • Population: Roughly 600,000
  • Language(s) Spoken: Spanish is the country’s native language, while English is also widely spoken especially in the Punta Cana region.
  • Climate: Sunny, Tropical
  • Currency: Dominican Peso, Dollars accepted

Industry Facts:

  • Types of Architecture: Traditional Mediterranean design, with a recent influx of contemporary and modern
  • Average Pricing: $1,000 / square meter with homes ranging from $200,000 – $10,000,000+
  • Financing Options:  Varies from traditional financing through a bank, to developer and owner financing.


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