Ditch the Treadmill Desk and Chair-ser-cise!

Binge watching Netflix at home can now be good for your health.

Working out is hard. Sitting down is easy. How about we combine the two? Yes, please.

That’s the mindset behind the creation of the Tao Chair from Tao Wellness. The Tao Chair exercises are a series of pushing and pulling on the arms of the chair to help work your muscles through a variety of exercises. The tension on the arms of the chair is pretty tight and having sat in the chair myself I can attest that the idea of “chair-ser-cising” is not easy.



The Tao Chair has embedded sensors that also track how many calories you’ve burned based on the type of exercises you’re doing. According to the people I spoke with at CES, the Tao Chair works out different muscle groups all over the body using the Variobics system which was specially designed for all Tao products.

So the next time you’re ready to binge watch House of Cards on Netflix you could make the excuse that you’re “working out” if you had a Tao Chair in your family room.

Check out all the amazing home tech we’ve uncovered at this year’s CES by visiting blog.coldwellbanker.com/ces.

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