Downtown Dallas Parking: Tips for Locals and Visitors

Travelers and locals flock to Downtown Dallas throughout the year for seasonal events, business conferences, cultural and historical attractions, and the area’s bustling nightlife. Downtown is also a business district, so finding parking can be a chore.

Travelers and locals flock downtown throughout the year for Dallas’ seasonal events, business conferences, cultural and historical attractions, and the area’s bustling nightlife. Because downtown Dallas is also home to many local government departments and businesses, finding parking can be difficult during certain times of the day and during special events, such as concerts and the state fair. When it comes to downtown Dallas parking, drivers have options that include multilevel garage parking, surface parking in lots, and street parking. Garage parking and some surface parking lots may require a nominal fee to park, while some street-side parking is metered. 

Planning Your Visit to Downtown Dallas

If you are planning a trip downtown, consider mapping out the area and its parking options ahead of time. Choose a few options within walking distance of your destination to help ensure that you find a parking spot if public parking is crowded. For information on parking lot pricing and locations, visit BestParking, a website with a search feature that offers real-time information and parking locations in various districts throughout Dallas.

The city of Dallas offers a variety of printable maps, including an overview of the city’s districts and a downtown Dallas amenities map of hotels, venues, restaurants, and attractions in the area. Print these maps out for handy reference guides that you can keep in your vehicle.

Helpful Tips

When locating a parking spot, be sure to look for any towing notices or signage indicating that the spot you chose is not available to the public. Towing signs are normally placed at eye level throughout the parking area. Furthermore, check for signage indicating that public parking is only available certain hours of the day. In some cases, you can park in spots in the evening after normal workday hours in business districts.

Here’s a quick list of other things to keep in mind:

  • Parking improperly or overlapping two parking spots could result in a ticket.
  • If you’ve chosen to use metered parking, be sure to note when your time expires.
  • When paying for parking in garages or surface lots, keep your parking receipt with you in your pocket, wallet, or purse.
  • In large lots or parking garages, you may want to jot down the level or lot space number you parked in so that you can quickly find your vehicle when you return.
  • To help avoid theft, be sure to lock your vehicle and hide any belongings under seats or in the trunk.

By planning your trip downtown ahead of time and utilizing helpful tools such as maps and websites, you can certainly have an easier time with Dallas parking.

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons


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