Easy and Inexpensive Interior Decorating Ideas for Spring

After the long, cold winter we’ve had in New York, our apartments may feel as drab and dreary as the outdoors. Bring some life back into your home with these easy and inexpensive interior decorating ideas!

After the long, cold winter we’ve had in New York, your apartment may feel as drab and dreary as the outdoors. The good news is you don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to brighten up your space.

Bring some life back into your home with these easy and inexpensive interior decorating ideas!

Add a Little Green

Nothing screams spring more than fresh flowers and thriving plants.

When choosing plants, consider easy-care varieties like snake plants (sansevieria), spider plants (chlorophytum comosum), or pothos (epipremnum aureum). If you’d prefer a little hand holding, visit a plant store. They’ll steer you to the perfect variety and advise you on care.

Flowers are another way to liven up your space. Stop by your local bodega for affordable blooms and scatter them throughout your apartment in pretty vases.

Feeling creative? Fill a pair of rainboots with tulips or make some faux flowering branches. Creations by Kara has a tutorial for DIY cherry blossom branches that will last year round!

Spring Decorating Ideas: Add Plants

Image Source: Flickr/Dave Hosford

Swap Out Your Accessories

Spring is the perfect time to refresh accessories.

Replace dark winter blankets, pillows, and curtains with new ones in fresh spring shades or crisp whites. Don’t forget the little items scattered around your apartment, such as frames, candle holders, and vases. If you don’t want to buy new ones, coat them with spray paint for a new look.

Just Add Paint

Color has the ability to transform a room, and paint is an affordable way to add it.

If your walls are dark or drab, head to your local paint or hardware store for inspiration. Muted greens, grayish-blues, pale pinks, unexpected lavender, neutral grays, and vibrant tangerines are on-trend options.

Start small by painting an accent wall or jump in with both feet and paint the whole room.

Is you furniture too dark? Transform it with paint, too.

Spring Decorating Ideas: Paint

Image Source: Flickr/Anne Swoboda

Brighten Your Mantle

Are you lucky enough to have a fireplace? It may be too warm to light it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate it for spring!

Start with the art. Swap dark artwork for brighter prints or photographs, or replace it altogether with a mirror to reflect light or even a chalkboard decorated with flowers, birds, or a favorite spring quote. Add an inexpensive orchid (Trader Joe’s is a great source) or fill a vase with flowering branches.

If you’re feeling crafty, create a colorful bunting from fabric scraps and string. Drape it across your mantle for a festive touch.

Refresh Your Linens

Spring is the perfect time to replace worn linens.

Bright white towels will instantly make your bathroom feel fresh and clean (no scrubbing required). To update your bedroom, pick up crisp cotton sheets or a new duvet cover.

Don’t need new linens? Refresh the ones you already own with a DIY Super-Citrusy Linen Spray instead.

Clear the Air

Looking for a free spring decorating idea? Simply clear the air.

Apartments often feel stale after being closed up all winter. Opening the windows — even for a few minutes — instantly improves air quality.

Next, bring your rugs outside and shake them out. If you have space, leave them outside for a couple hours to capture some of that fresh air, too.

For just a few dollars, pick up a brightly scented candle. The scent will refresh your home, even on chilly spring days when it’s too cold to crack a window.

Spring Decorating Ideas: Open Windows

Image Source: Flickr/Alex Pepperhill

Try one of these easy interior decorating ideas and bring a little spring into your NYC apartment!

Main Image Source: Flickr/Sonny Abesamis


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