Engaging Dallas TX Events and Festivities This Winter

Learn about fun and educational festivities offered in Dallas, TX during the winter months. Take your pick of regional, cultural, or sports-related events to participate in while visiting or living in Dallas.

As a rich and distinct cultural hub situated in the one of the most charismatic states in the nation, other cities can barely hold a Yankee candle to the festival offerings of Dallas, TX. Events that take place during January offer particularly great opportunities for amusement and active learning. Whether your interests are best held by mellifluous musical notes or the kinetic action of a heated sports competition, Dallas, TX, events have the festivities that can turn this winter month into fodder for warm memories for DFW residents.

Best Homes on the Block

For more than 35 years, Texas Home & Garden has showcased the best in interior design, gardens, and other house-related affairs around the Metroplex. At the organization’s expos, homeowners can learn the art and craft of creating a home with distinctive flair. Sweeping this event under the rug results in a forfeiture of a look into the most popular home styles in Texas.

Local Color

The city of Forth Worth hosts a lively, three-week rodeo and stock show extravaganza. At the legendary Forth Worth Stock Show and Rodeo, through February 7, you’ll be able to get your fill of down home activities with a twangy Texan flavor. A beloved tradition since 1896, the Stock Show and Rodeo also features art contests and educational opportunities, as local museums can’t help but be wrangled into this celebration.

Fine Arts and Living

Listening to Bancroft Family Concerts during the first month of the year makes it easy to appreciate classical music and other fine arts. These free musical shows and their complementary exhibits at the Dallas Museum of Art spark the imagination and tip the proverbial hat to creative geniuses of yesteryear. If you miss the January shows, don’t fret: similar concerts held around the year can slate your thirst for masterful melodies during other Dallas, TX, events.

Friday Night Lights

Nothing says “Texas” like an unabashed love of football — whether it’s the Cotton Bowl (an annual event that gifts football enthusiasts with the opportunity to see two college teams duel for the championship title and its subsequent bragging rights) or the Super Bowl. This year, if you’re looking to get out of the house, there are several Super Bowl XLIX parties happening in the area. Check out Greenville’s Granada Theater, who’ll be showing the game on three huge screens.


For those interested in experiencing a live event awash in culture, Dallas’ events commemorating the memory of Martin Luther King Jr. can deliver fun mixed with important social and historical lessons. Marching in the parade honors the sacrifice and contributions of this influential cultural icon, while participating in the festivities strengthens the community and protects the legacy of an American hero. This year, the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center is hosting “Pathway to Freedom.” Debuting in January, this traveling exhibit dedicated to the Trail of Tears, the Underground Railroad, and the Civil Rights Movement will be on view through March 15.

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