Essentials for a Dallas Man Cave

A Dallas man cave filled with his favorite things is the pride and joy of many Metroplex men. A great sound system, comfy recliners, and personal touches are a few of the essentials for building the perfect sanctuary.

A Dallas man cave is the pride and joy of many Metroplex men. The room is a retreat where he can watch the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers or Mavericks, and drink a beer or two with his friends.

Most of these rooms are sports-themed, but a ton of sports decor isn’t absolutely necessary. Still, while sports decor is optional, comfort and state-of-the-art electronics are not. Home design site Houzz and Pinterest have some man-cave ideas that can be mixed and matched. Add a little Texas flair, and you’ll have the perfect Dallas man cave. Here’s a list of the top suggestions:

  • A wall of flat screens. Whether watching more than one game or their favorite TV series, guys love to watch several things at once. Any woman living with a man knows this by the worn channel buttons on the TV remote. Sound quality is essential, too, so make sure that there’s an amazing home theater system in place.
  • Comfortable seating. If you’re using a spare bedroom for a man cave, all you need are a pair of great recliners. If you have the space, go with home theater seating. Whatever seating you get, make sure it reclines so he can nap when the Rangers go into extra innings.
  • Cool wall art. It could be just one framed jersey — his own number from high school or college, or it could be a signed jersey from his favorite player. Maybe he’s a bigger sci-fi fan than a sports nut, in which case Star Trek memorabilia might decorate the walls instead.
  • A tricked-out bar. Many men like to drink beer or a nice scotch on the rocks with their friends. Install a wet bar complete with a mini-fridge and cabinets for glasses, libations, and some casual dishes for those game-time snacks.
  • Window-darkening shades or curtains. Nobody wants glare on Dirk Nowitzki while he’s making a three-point play during a play-off game. Be sure to honor the “cave” space by making it dark enough for excellent video quality or gaming.
  • Toys. His favorite gaming system is a must, but if the room is big enough, consider adding a pool table or foosball. Or, if he and his buddies enjoy poker night, be sure to have a table and chairs for several hands of Texas hold ’em.
  • Decor that reflects his hobbies or profession. It could be a saddle, an antique fire extinguisher, or a vintage light bar off a police cruiser. Or it could be a movie-star cutout or a set of vintage golf clubs. Find that one special object that he will love.

All of these elements make for a spectacular man cave, but even a few of these suggestions will create the kind of space any man would love to spend time in. Figure out what will work with the space you’re using, and you can make the perfect sanctuary.

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