Fill Your Guest Room with Texas Hospitality on a Budget

Create a comfortable guest room with Texas hospitality on a budget. With some paint, new bedding and a fun theme that showcases Dallas/Fort Worth, you create an oasis in your home for your family and friends.

Welcome your family and friends to a stay in Dallas/Fort Worth with a comfortable, beautifully designed guest room. Giving your extra bedroom a face lift doesn’t have to break the bank. All it requires is a little work and some imagination!

Create Some Space

The biggest point to remember is that this room should be the place in your home where your company can completely relax and store their gear. One of the biggest mistakes people make in their guest room is making it double as a storage unit. First and foremost, make sure there is space under the bed or in their closet for luggage and an empty drawer in the dresser for their things. Free up a little room in the closet for them to hang their clothes.

Creating space is important in a guest room also because it’s typically the smallest room in the home. The least expensive makeover for any room is paint, and you can make your spare room look bigger with a soft, light color both on the walls and on the furniture. Painting them the same color will make the room look bigger. Choose furniture that can do double duty. A small chest of drawers, for example, can double as a night stand.

Invest in some new bedding. If you love all-white comforters or quilts but don’t think they are practical for every day, the extra bedroom is a great place for them. It’s also a fabulous place to show off family heirlooms, like your great-grandmother’s chenille bedspread. Add a variety of pillows. You don’t need to provide seating in your guest room if you have enough pillows for someone to prop themselves up to read or watch a movie on their tablet.

Show off your Dallas spirit with Texas or Dallas Cowboys decor. Give them a touch of Southfork treatment with a ranch-themed room. Or go all gray and navy to show your support for America’s team. If you live on a lake or golf course, play up those themes in your guest room. All you have to do is add a few knick-knacks or wall art to create a cute theme that coordinates with your bedding and paint.

Let Your Hospitality Shine

Be sure to provide some thoughtful touches. Make sure there’s an easily accessible wall outlet for your guests to charge their electronics. Give them a small pitcher of water and some glasses along with fresh fruit. Freshly cut flowers from your yard are also a nice touch.

After a long day at Six Flags Over Texas, the area lakes, a Rangers game or shopping at the Galleria, give your family and friends a private place to rest with a guest room that has all the comforts of home—with a Texas flair.


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