Fall Decor Ideas for the Bathroom


There’s just something about fall in Philadelphia that puts positive energy in the air. It’s no wonder that so many interior designers love to explore fall decor ideas in the bathroom and other rooms throughout the home.


There’s just something about fall in Philadelphia that puts positive energy and excitement in the air. The weather is breezy and there are so many beautiful sights, scents, and sounds to experience. It’s no wonder that many interior designers love to explore fall decor ideas. One room in particular that will benefit from a fall treatment is the bathroom. You can turn your bathroom into an autumn-inspired paradise with just a few items and easy updates.

Autumn Towel Color Scheme

Something as simple as the choice of colors for your bath towels, hand cloths, and hand towels can have an impact on your bathroom decor. Purchase and place freshly washed autumn-colored hand and body towels in your bathroom. Fall colors include orange, magenta, yellow, and deep brown. A striped or checkered towel accented with those colors is also a nice choice. You can also change the shower curtain to a solid fall color that complements the color of your towels.

Fall Floor Mats

Simply adding a decorative floor mat or rug to your room will go a long way in adding fall decor to your bathroom. A beautiful area rug will immediately set the stage for the rest of the room’s design. Look for a rug that has an intricate autumn pattern, decorated with leaves of various colors or maybe even a cornucopia bursting with fall vegetables.

Bathroom Scent

The bathroom is definitely one of the most odorous rooms of the house, so make sure you add some wonderful fall scents. For a smell that will energize you in the morning before work, go with a cinnamon or pumpkin spice candle or automatic sprayer. For a more relaxing scent, try a pine air freshener. All of fall decor ideas will come together once you have the right aroma permeating the room.

Create a Pine Cone Mirror

If you have a pine tree outside your Philly home, you probably have an excess of pine cones that fall to the ground in the autumn season. Take a good look at one — they are beautiful, and will look amazing in your bathroom for decoration. Gather some pine cones and use them to create a unique fall-themed bathroom mirror. Look for a round mirror that has a golden-tinted frame and use a hot glue gun to affix the pine cones around the frame. These can usually be removed when redecorating the mirror for a different season.

You are going to love fall in Philly even more when your bathroom is reminiscent of the season. When you take in the sights and scents of your new fall-inspired bathroom, you may even decide that you want to keep it the same all year long.

Image Source: Flickr/Shaun Fisher


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