Coffee Shops in NYC

When it comes to coffee shops in NYC, we’ve got choices beyond the ubiquitous Starbucks. If you’re looking for coffee shops serving up java that will blow your socks off, your friends probably have a million rec’s. If you don’t have friends, start here.

Coffee shops in NYC are serious business. One thing most New Yorkers can agree on is that a cup of coffee can make or break your day. Some people don’t even smile until they’ve had their first cup of java. Some people are fine with big chain coffee shops, but others are looking for places that treat coffee making as an art form. If that describes you, check out some awesome options below.

Abraco Bakery & Coffee Shop

You consider yourself a coffee connoisseur, a java genius, a brilliant bean bandit. If that’s the case, you’ll love the grounds at Abraco, the boutique coffee shop satisfying coffee urges down on East 7th Street in the East Village. This little nook of a coffee shop may be short on square footage, but its legions of fans don’t care because it’s HUGE on flavor. There’s no place to sit, but that matters little to people who are looking for perfectly made cappuccinos and espressos. Don’t forget the “bakery” part of the coffee shop’s name; the pastries whipped together by baker Elizabeth Quijada are must-tries, especially perennial favorites like astonishingly delicious olive oil cake.

86 East 7th Street, New York

Toby’s Estate Coffee

The folks that run Toby’s Estate Coffee, the insanely popular Brooklyn-based small batch roaster, started with two Brooklyn locations before heading across the bridge into the West Village. This beauty of a spot is housed inside a former artists’ studio that features stunning wood-beamed ceilings, brick walls, and colorful and eclectic decor. In spite of the beauty and care that went into the space, the most beautiful part of this spot is the delicious coffee sourced from specially selected farms all over the world. If you’ve been yearning to learn how to perfect your latte art skills, you can attend the shop’s Brew School where you can take one-on-one classes with the shop’s master baristas. Take home a pack of one of the shop’s signature blends or single origins so that you can continue your Toby’s Estate Coffee dreams at home.

44 Charles Street, New York

Daily Press Coffee Shop

There’s a reason that people are willing to miss their rush-hour subway train every weekday morning and stand in a ridiculously long line just to get their coffee fix at the well-loved Daily Press coffee shop; the coffee is good. This homey place is one of the best coffee shops in NYC with extremely friendly baristas and a wicked strong Wi-Fi signal. Owner Michael Zawacki is passionate about coffee, partnering with roastery Irving Farm to deliver the shop’s exquisite house coffee and espresso while continuing the space’s extremely popular guest roaster program. On a nice day, you’ll walk in and wonder where all the customers are before realizing that they’ve grabbed their laptops and pourovers and are camping out in the shops eclectic backyard garden space.

505 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn

Image Source: Flickr/Bex Walton


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